Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Book Report

Normally, I wouldn't post a blurb like this but I have just finished a book that really touched me. Yesterday, I started "Marley & Me; life and love with the world's worst dog" by John Grogan. I finished it about 20 minutes ago, less than 36 hours from when I started it.

I identified with this book from the beginning. It seemed as though the author was describing our dog's older brother. Only our dog was a "pound dog" and has no lineage to speak of, unlike Marley who is a papered yellow Lab. All of the antics that the writer described were playing out in my head like a little mini movie. I felt like I actually saw this dog as a mischevioius puppy, it's headstrong adolescence and adulthood, and finally it's seemingly brief retirement years. I felt the pain of the owners as they watched their beloved family member gradually decline. It also made me think of Little Red...it has been almost one month since Mom put her to sleep.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever been owned by a dog or for anyone who hopes that they have a dog to call their own. I am now going to go search for a slightly used copy to send to a family member. Because I am keeping mine to read again sometime.



~Kim~ said...

Hi Missy

Its amazing how a book can bring so much joy to our lives and hearts!

Great to hear that this book brought you much pleasure! Im going to have to check this book out! I have my own story (of being a dog owner, but this is your blog, and I could go on, and on.)

Hugs to you!

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