Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Warning...long post!

I am taking a few minutes from searching ebay...looking for a sweater organizer thingy that hangs from the closet rod. I want to put it into my craft room to put my fabric stash in so that I can better see what I have. Don't understand why some people think that it costs $10 + to ship one though!

Saw this on Harsha's blog (wish I knew how to make a clicky link) and thought it looked fun!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was a wild one 10 years ago...well not so much. Just a normal life-crazy teen. I was 18, a senior in Highschool and thought that my friends & I were King Shit on Turd Island (sorry if that offends). I was trying to figure out which school I was actually going to go to since the ones that I applied to all accepted me. Not that I applied anywhere prestigious. And I was kind of freaking out about being "independent". So naturally my weekends were spent hanging out with my girlfriends, drinking, and going to parties. No boys in my life at that time (and not for a while). I was having too much fun with my friends. I had a part time job which I hated and of course thought that all of the management were morons. *sigh* Wow, I have really changed alot since then! (not sarcastic)

Five Snacks You Enjoy:
1. Hershey's kisses - cherry cordials
2. Hershey's kisses - with almonds
3. Hershey's kisses - regular
4. M&M's (are you noticing a trend yet?)
5. Granny's popcorn

Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:
1. Humpty Dance
2. Love of my life by Carlos Santana & Dave Matthews
3. Dancing Nancies by Dave Matthews ( I probably know all of Dave's songs actually)
4. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam
5. Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order

Five things you would do if you had one million dollars
1. Pay off our car & my student loan
2. Buy 100 acres somewhere where we could build our dream home
3. Donate a large amount to various animal shelters and animal organizations
4. Give a fixed amount to family members if they met our "requirements" (ex: To never ask for $ again)
5. Invest the majority of it for our old age and future children.

Five Bad Habits:
1. Procrastination
2. Indecisiveness
3. Worring about what other's think
4. My "Sailor Speak"...I frequently have a foul mouth
5. Forgetting to floss every single night...doesn't every other night count?

Five things you like doing:
1. Needlework
2. Spend time with my husband & pets
3. Reading
4. Volunteering
5. Writing letters to my Granny
6. Eating chocolate (I know, it was only supposed to be 5)

Five things you would never buy, wear or get new again:
1. A Chrysler PT Cruiser (or any brand new car, especially the first year of a new model!)
2. A wedding dress (duh...did it once, never plan on doing it again!)
3. The nasty frozen fish at the commissary....hope to never buy that again
4. A pet...I would rather give a needy pet a home than buy right from a breeder
5. can't think of anything else...

Five favourite toys :
1. My Kitchen Aid, Miss Pearl
2. My Roomba, Ruby
3. The computer
4. All of my stitching and sewing stash
5. Our pets...I know that they aren't actually toys, but they keep me so darned entertained sometimes!

I finished up my January Ornament for the STO SAL on Sunday...will post that later. Also want to post an update of my C.E. F. I started working on the Pink Champagne color and boy is it bright!

Here is some stash I got in the mail from 123stitch.com:

A spool of Kreinik blending filament in a bright white. Why? Well, you just never know when you might need some! Besides I have wanted to try it!

A cut of 32ct. Pewter lugana

A cut of 32ct. Putty lugana

A pre-pack of Belfast linen...don't remember if it was 32 or 28 ct.

11x17 Q Snaps

"Lord's Prayer" by My Big Toe Designs.

A couple of JABC buttons for the STO ornament SAL

The main things that I wanted were the "Lord's Prayer", the buttons and the Q Snaps...the rest is just bonus! I will use the fabrics...I like to have a little bit of variety on hand. Still have $ 30+ of my gift cert from MIL to spend!!!

DH is going to make something good for dinner tonight, I just know it! 4 out of my last 6 meals have been clam chowder. He made a big pot of it on Sunday night and we are trying to eat it up. I shouldn't complain when there are so many starving people out there.

I will post more with pictures later tonight!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

This is so me!

La Perm
You are a La Perm! You are adventurous and love

the great outdoors. You're also known for

your unique hair style, which you are quite

proud of.

What breed of cat are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Thursday, January 26, 2006

I know it isn't Monday

But you have to strike while the iron is hot...and right now our computer seems to be feeling pretty perky so I am sharing a pic of my Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy WIP as of the last Monday.

Mondays are Mirabilia SAL days with Renee from STO. I have been so slow with this but I have finally wrapped my little brain around the fact that I need to ask for an OTT light for my birthday. I can barely see the linen sometimes with the horrible living room table lamp. Maybe it is just my eyes though. More on that later. Here she is, I named her Penelope and her dress is coming along nicely.

I am a middle starter so I am kinda jumping all over with this one. I am trying to mainly stick with one color and work the majority of the areas with that color and then move on to the next color. I think that the blended color is up next and I don't know how I feel about that. It will be my first time doing a blended stitch.

Tonight DH is off bowling and I am going to quilt in a little while. Really need to get this one finished so I can focus on other things!!! Like a little quilt for me! I am going to do some blog work tonight and tidy it up a little bit. I have been nosing around on the crochetville blog posting and looking at other crocheter's blogs and they are really cool!

Did I mention that I started a granny square blanket this last week? Story of my life...always starting, never finishing! I taught myself how to do a granny square this last weekend and each day my goal is to crochet 2 squares. I am using Sugar & Cream natural cotton yarn for it...should turn out really pretty. Once you get the hang of the granny square, you really can't mess it up.

Our cherry tomatoes are really starting to come in. Too bad we are moving in 2 months. I hope that whomever moves into our house enjoys tomatoes. And green peppers. They are getting bigger, but still no peppers on the plants.

The kids are alive and well. I must have gotten Bella's "baby" (a little purple and red mouse) mixed in with the load of towels...it was in the dryer today. She was thrilled to have it back and ran around the house with it in her mouth, howling and meowing like crazy. When we PCS to Saipan, I will have to make sure that it goes into her kennel with her...she is lost without it.

This is a rare moment for Lily and Bella. For those that don't know, Lily (Killer Lily) is the Brown Tabby and Bella (Isabella) is the Orange Tabby. They are usually biting and chasing after eachother.

Lady is Lady. We are thinking about taking her to the GAIN dogshow at the end of next month. She can get a little crack headed though when she is out in public. I think that she just gets too excited and doesn't know how to act.

That draws this post to an end. I have to get off my rump and go make some cookies for the girls at work. They are harassing me everyday because it has been over a week since I brought anything in. *sigh*

Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that these hellacious headaches would go away as mysteriously as they have appeared. I hate taking this medicine!


Monday, January 16, 2006

My computer has the "feel bads"

And I think that it is my fault. At least DH thinks it is my fault. Somehow we have a trojan or two or someother virus and now things are wonky and not running right. DH is thinking it is from reading my blogs. Seriously, I have about 30 of them that I click onto every day. And only one is for celeb gossip. The rest are stitching, homemaking, etc. It usually takes me over an hour to do my computer time every day. So I have not been reading my blogs like usual and I feel left out!

I love reading everyone's stories and seeing the pictures. I might try to read some of the ones that I have been reading for the past 4 months...just not the more recent ones...never know if one of them is the culprit. There is one that I read (infrequently) that is written by a pretty snarky needleworker...maybe she would be the one. Anywhoo...she is on my banned list anyway since she is pretty new.

There is a simple solution:
1. Keep our virus protection updated yearly (ahem...)
2. I could figure out a way to sneak another computer in this house so that I can have my own. (ya right like that will happen)

I vote for wiping everything out on the computer, reloading it all and updating our virus protection. Although I wouldn't mind a laptop or something of my own just for my stitching stuff! :)

On to the important stuff...

*dumroll please*
Here is Bobbi's finished going away present:

She reports that it will eventually have a place of honor on their bed once they are done PCS'ing to Georgia. I am very thrilled that she loves it!

Today is Monday...MIRABILIA MONDAY!!! I love this little fairy! I will try to upload a picture of her in my next post. My rotation is out of whack. Monday is okay since I an doing the SAL, but the rest of the week is off. I don't have any gifts/exchanges going on, I am still doing IL's quilt (only a few more rotations), I am almost done with the ornament and I just started a new crochet lap blanket tonight. That means I need to pull out a UFO to work on. I think that I will work on Enchanted Alphabet now. After reviewing my rotation, I think that I will put E.A. on Thursdays and crochet on the weekends or whatever I want on the weekends.
Well, I am going to try some of DH's ribs tonight. I have never been a fan of ribs but I am willing to give it a shot.


Monday, January 09, 2006

Gotta get regular

Not what you think...regular at updating my blog. Sometimes it is kinda hard since we both like to be online and we only have the one puter. And we both get the luxury of working. Ahhh.. the American Dream.

So, I am on a stitching rotation:

Monday: Mirabilia Christmas Elf Fairy. This is a SAL with Renee from STO. Whee!

Tuesday: IL's quilt (working my way on the hand quilting, half way done)
Wednesday: Still working on IL's quilt. At this rate, I should hopefully have it done before their first
grandchild and I am not even pregnant!

Thursday: Gifts/exchanges. Right now it is a going away present for Bobbie

Friday: STO JCS ornament SAL

Weekend: Free to do whatever

Did I mention our giant tomato plants? These things must be 6 feet tall. Too bad they have giant spiders living nearby...gives me the heebie jeebies! We do have one little tomato that is turning a nice shade of red already. And tons on the vine that are green. I think that they are the cherry tomatoes. Oh well. They'll eat just the same, especially considering that the tomatoes at the commissary suck.

Our cats are hysterical! Lily likes to try to jump at the dart board while DH & I play. Notice Bella and Lady looking on. That cat has got springs in her feet, I think. Bella & Lily seem to get along okay. They sleep together all day and fight and meow and wrestle all night. I was awakened by DH swearing at them while jumping out of bed the other night. Next thing I know, he was kicking the dog's bed out into the hallway and booting them all out of the bedroom for the night. No animals were injured in above sequence. The dog was already in the hall chasing the cats.

I am going to give Pearl a run for her money tomorrow. I am going to make a double batch of oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies. I want to take a batch to the Soup Kitchen when we go on Wednesday. Last week we had only yogurt to hand out and I felt kind of bad for them. At least they can have a little something sweet to nibble on.

Well, I am off to work on some emails and other random stuff.

I need to figure out how to do the blogroll thing. I hate clicking on a blog to see that it still hasn't been updated in weeks.

(something about preaching to a choir!)