Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knitting for The Lord of the Rings

Okay, first it was my elvish slippers. Remember them? Yeah, very elf-like if you look at them from the side. Is it a coincidence that I didn't photograph them from the side? No.

So, today I tackled another one of my 2008 goals...sock knitting. I was knitting like a woman possessed, double pointed needles flying everywhere. They are done! And already in the mail to their recipient (boy isn't she lucky, mwhahaha?!?).
Aren't they beautimus? I think so. I used a bit less than 2 skiens of Knit Picks Swish Superwash in the Bordeaux color, size 3 double pointed needles, and this free pattern.

Now, they look okay for the most part like that, right? Here's the rub (a top down pic for you)...

Who the eff am I knitting for? The cast of The Lord of the Rings? Seriously. Why can't my projects turn out semi-normal?

Deece, I hope that you start showing off the knitting soon! Freakish sock knitters unite!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rockin' the cabbage

Can you believe that I made it past the 1-year mark with the whole nursing business? Holey moley, I can't. BTH has officially been weaned for just under 2 weeks. And what do I get for my troubles? More pain in the breasticles than I have ever imagined. Between this and the whole frankennipple episode at week 6...ey-yi-yi. Here I am rockin' the cabbage in my bra. It really works. That and ibuprofen. Better than that whole bottle of Gray Goose that I downed in no time flat.

Did anyone hear the girly squee last week? That would have been me. Yeah, my new needles are here! They are so awesome, I can't hardly stand it. Want to see their beauty? Okay.

I immediately put the size 11 tips on the longest cable and switched the tween shawl over. That is when the knitting kicked into high gear.

I only had a few rows of it done, now I have as much done as I can do. I am one row away from being out of yarn. So, I am waiting for a decision to be made by the recipient.

And I am about to start the heel flap of sock # 2, but I don't have any pictures to show of it. Next time. Pinky swear. They might even be done by then.

Okay, back to the Free Tibet dvd that is in. I saw this show back in 1996 (or 97) with a friend. Why didn't I realize then the awesomeness that it was? And I seriously had such a minimal grasp as to the cause that they stood for. Wow. Heavy stuff, that is. Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Fugees, Beck, and lots of others that I am forgetting.

The countdown to Japan is on. We are going to Tokyo, Sapporo and Kyoto. Whee!


Monday, January 28, 2008

Cutting back

Oh my. I just cut through my Google reader feeds. I went from 165 blogs to 79. And that is just looking at the names of the blogs and cutting. Next step is to actually visit the remainders and see if I am keeping those or not.

I am not using blogrolling anymore, I am going to put a post of with links to the blogs I enjoy and then just a link to that post in my sidebar. Maybe I will get that task done this week. Maybe not. So much on my plate.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I've been knitting!

Yay for me! I am working on my first "real" pair of socks. I started these as a KAL with Deece.

Knit Picks Swish Superwash wool in Bordeaux
Size 3 DPN's
The Unique Sheep's free pattern

That, my non-knitting friends is a turned heel and short row shaping! I am learning so much, it is crazy. It is also proof that I don't have a clue as to how to use the macro setting (or where to find it) on my camera. Must learn.

These socks are fun. I am about to start the toe shaping, then I will be done with my first sock. They are nice and thick...actually very very firm. I think that I will go up a needle size or two for my next pair that I make out of worsted weight wool. They would be good for someone with small feet that does stuff outside in the winter. Like ice fishing. : )

I have my first finished non-scarf, non-dishcoth knitted item to share:

Not So Baby Yoda Sweater
made for: BTH
Berocco Touche in Apple green, just about 3 skiens
size 7 straight needles

Yay! I am so happy to be done with this sweater. I started it with the intention of BTH wearing it in Japan, and it fits him pretty well, so we should be good. I don't know that I will be making another one of these anytime soon. I hated the part in the instructions that said "make right side the same as the left, just reverse for shaping". Umm, hello, I need a bit more than that. I was okay until I got to the bind off row. Somehow, I could not get my brain wrapped around how I was supposed to do it so that the shoulder seam side was correct. I ended up adding an extra row to it and it worked out well. I now just have to decide on buttons or ties. No i-cord for me. Oh, I did do 10 extra rows on the arms because BTH is very long limbed. And skinny. He is in the 90th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight.

I started another Tween Shawl for my cousin's friend.

Improvised design: CO 4 st. K2, yo, k to end repeat until it is the desired size.
Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn, held double
Size 11 bamboo circular needles.

We aren't in Japan yet, still have a while to go. Thank you Debi for your info. I will be emailing you this week. I want to go on the Geisha lecture walk while in Kyoto. Trying to convince DH that it will be fun. He isn't buying it methinks.

This week I am anxiously awaiting my new needles to come. I ordered the Knit Picks Options Harmony set and it is about killing me to wait. Plus, I ordered a sweater's worth of wool from Peace Fleece along with a cardigan pattern a few weeks ago, and it should be here any day. Got to love gift certificates and Christmas money!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Japan, anyone?

We are going to the Land of the Rising Sun, y'all. I am sooo excited! I have dreamed of going to Japan ever since Dad K. went (twice) for training with Mitsubishi and came back with his exotic stories (girls do what with hot wax?!?!) - not that I am going to see the siree. I am all about culture.

We are going to Sapporo, Tokyo and Kyoto. I know that we are staying in military lodging in the Sapporo area, and in the Tokyo area. Any suggestions for Kyoto?

I have been reading our Lonely Planet guide book for Japan and so loving the fact that Kyoto has tons of Buddhist temples. That was one thing that I loved loved loved about Thailand...the temples. By the way, if you ever go to Thailand, see the Reclining Buddha and the Emerald Buddha. Trust me. Take lots of pictures of the Reclining Buddha's feet and be a total farang. I was.

Anyway...the most important aspect of the trip hinges upon this question...can I get Noro for cheaper in Japan? I have read that I can get bamboo needles for 100 yen per pair (score!), but I am now wondering about Noro. Anyone? Bueller?

And if you give me a head's up about yarn / knitting shops in Sapporo (or Misawa), Tokyo, or Kyoto, I will get you a shiny souvenir. If you are a knitter, you might even get Noro and bamboo needles.

Cause I am nice like that.

And please (no offense to Melissa) do not suggest Tokyo Disney. DH would not stand for it for one minute. Plus, the rampant consumerism is enough to make me sick.


Friday, January 11, 2008


Hard to believe that a year has gone by already. I remember with great fondness the anxiety, trepidation and excitement that I posted this message. Wow. I never knew that my life would be so changed. Nothing that I read (and I read voraciously) could have prepared me for the journey that I would embark upon. Motherhood had been challenging, frustrating, scary and totally wonderful. I never would have guessed how much I would love this little guy a year ago. The love I feel grows every day, if that is possible.

I am not sure that I will share so much of BTH in the future. Just for his safety. I want to show him off of course, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Let's take a walk down memory lane one more time...

Shortly after being born:

One month:

Two months:

Three months (with Grama Lauri):

Four months:

Five months:

Six months:

Seven months:

Eight months:

Nine months:

Ten months:

Eleven months:

Twelve months:

I am so grateful that you were able to spend lots of time with Grama Lauri in March and in August & September before she passed away. She loved you so much.

Happy birthday, my baby. You mean the world to me.


Friday, January 04, 2008

I *heart* Iowa.

I have been waiting to see what the results of the Iowa Caucuses were...everyone was reporting that it was a virtual dead heat between Barack and Hillary.

According to this site, Barack got 37.5 percent of the vote and Hillary got 29.4 percent.


It is a good day to be a Democrat. Now we just have to see what happens in New Hampshire.

I am so glad that I will be able to vote in November. Registering to vote will be one of the first things I do when we get to Juneau.

I can't believe that it has been over a year since I first blogged about Barack Obama. I still think that he is the bee's knees of politicians.

Go donkeys!

In other news, I should have pictures and fun stuff to report later this weekend. Melissa is joining Deece & I for our knitting session tomorrow! Yay!


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Goals

I don't typically make "resolutions" in the sense that most people use. I like to think of them as "goals". So, in that vein, here goes:

1. Continue to be a nerdy bookworm.

In 2006, I read 53 books. This was pre-Baby Tree Hugger. My total for 2007 is 36. Not horrible, but far from surpassing the 53 mark from the previous year. I started this year off with a the Harry Potter series. I received 3 of the books for Christmas and have somehow miraculously stayed far away from Book 7 spoilers (please don't ruin it for me now).

2. Learn more Spanish.

So I can pass along my knowledge to Baby Tree Hugger as he develops his vocabulary. Unfortunately, I didn't retain much of the Latin I learned in High School.

3. Knit three sweaters.

At least. I have fiber and a pattern coming for two, and I have one on the needles (Baby Tree Hugger's).

4. Knit lots o'socks.

I am starting my first "real" pair as a KAL (knit along) with Deece this weekend. This is kind of my practice pair. I am using a worsted weight, that way I won't mess up any of the beautiful yarn that I have (and that I have received from Phoe). Plus, they are faster, hopefully avoiding the "second sock syndrome".

5. Continue to met with Deece for our weekly knitting while on island.

I really enjoy this time out. Being a SAHM without any family nearby is a little hard on the nerves sometimes, so it is good to get away for a couple of hours each week. Plus, Deece is totally cool, a much better knitter than I am (she makes her own patterns!), and really rocks out, even though she doesn't swear enough. We get to chat and sip coffee (coffee float for me!) without feeling guilty. Anyone on island want to join us? Want to learn to knit? We go to Coffee Care on Saturdays at 2 pm.

6. Find a sit and stitch in Juneau. Or make friends that knit and meet up.

Pretty self expanitory.

7. Make more cupcakes.

Because they are fun, cute and easy. I plan on exploring this site more: Cupcake Bakeshop. First up, the Hummingbird Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Baby Tree Hugger's birthday next week.

8. Remember to take Calcium supplement every day.

I have slacked majorly since BTH was born. I need calcium and I know it.

9. Explore my spirituality more.

I am really struggling right now with where I am spiritually. I sensed a profound change in my way of thinking and rationale after Mom died. I question things more readily, I wonder about things. I have been thinking about this subject for a few months.

10. Get Pregnant

Yep, we are planning for Baby # 2 in 2008. No, I am not pregnant now, nor are we trying. Yet. Give me a few months... I want to have BTH weaned and be able to enojoy a couple bottles glasses of wine while making/eating dinner. Plus some vodka drinks. Totes off limits when incubating a new BTH or nursing a BTH.

By the way, I have a line on the IK Fall issue that I posted about in the last post. We are just negotiating the specifics. Thanks!