Saturday, December 29, 2007

First Christmas and knitting goodness

Baby Tree Hugger's First Christmas

"You mean we open these now?"

"And I have to wear this thing?"

"Blocks. Mmm, I love blocks."
"Mom! You aren't going to blog this are you?!"
"I love presents from The Land of Nod."

"And I really love my new scoot around."

So, remember that post earlier in the month about the socks of doom? The ones that I didn't really have a pattern for, let alone have any experience in sock knitting? Yeah, they got frogged. Instead, I knit some slippers for said hard to buy for lady. I used this free pattern. 2 skeins of Knit Picks Main Line yarn, a couple of buttons and voila! Slippers. I dare not show you a side view...they really look elvish (as in elf-like, not Elvis-like), but I am hoping that they fit the lady's smaller feet. I can get them on my size 9 clod-hoppers, so we should be good. Lesson learned: How to M1 increase and I suck at making pom-poms. Hence the buttons.

Another present was this crocheted granny square throw. Made from 4 cones of Peaches N Cream cotton yarn. 2 in Ecru, 2 in Peppercorn ombre. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I started the granny squares 2 years ago, then started seaming them together and got thoroughly fed up with the seaming and put it aside. I decided that this would be the year that it got finished.
Simple granny squares, with a single crochet border (twice around). Easy peasy. Anyone want some left over granny squares? I have a handful of them and nothing planned for them. Let me know.
Another day, another Ball Band Dishcloth. This is for the knit along on Ravelry. I need to make a pile of these things by April.

As if that weren't enough, I started a sweater for Baby Tree Hugger. It is from the Not So Baby Yoda free pattern. I am using Berocco Touche in a green apple color. I actually did a gauge swatch on this and am crossing my fingers that it fits him for a few months since we will need in for our trip to Japan in a few months.

The back is complete in one day. I started on the left front side now and a bit nervous when it comes to the right just says to reverse for shaping. Keep your fingers crossed that I do it right!


Tamie said...

You are workin up a storm~! Nice stuff tho. AND I love my scarf. THANK YOU!!! Wish I had it for a few of the cold trips BUT it is crazy cold for here. Nice look with my bathrobe and sheep slippers walking the dog in the morning. S C A R Y but the scarf adds some flair~!~ Looks like Connor did well with fun holiday fare. Quilt is beautiful~

Meari said...

Wonderful Christmas pics. Thanks for sharing! :) Great job on all the knitting you're doing. Good luck with the sweater.

Anonymous said...

Where has the year gone. Thank you for graciously sharing your family pics. It has been a joy to see Connors first Christmas. May you have a wonderful New Year. Gayle

KaLu said...

connor looks soo big!!! he stands up and everything....they are growing to fast... =[
he looks so happy with all his gifts
and the swater you are making for him looks so cool...wish i knew how to knit