Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Losing my mind...(or) Only 21 days until Christmas!

I love Christmas. I love the whole plan-like-there-is-no-tomorrow-thinking-you-can-turn-into-SuperWoman-and-get-everything-done-deal.
That is what I do every year (except last year). The other day I was making out the Christmas card list...I know, I know, "real" tree huggers don't send out Christmas cards. I married a tree hugger, I never claimed to be the tree hugger of the family. Anyway, I came to the monumental decision that I am going to whittle the Christmas card list down next year. Those that haven't sent us a card in two years are off of the list. Does anyone else do this? Why continue to send a card to someone that isn't going to reciprocate? Our cards are done, stamped and ready to go out. Have you seen the new Christmas stamps "Holiday Knits"? Love them! I bought 3 books today.

This year's Christmas cards are a mish-mosh of the past 5 years worth of cards. I usually end up with 10 or so leftover cards every year, and when Mom died, I found 5 or 6 boxes of cards that she had bought on sale. So, the ones going out this year are being cleared out so we don't have to schlep them around anymore.

I went through the received cards from the past couple of years. I had a purpose. I was looking for Mom's last Christmas card that she sent to us. I found it and it is now on my nightstand where I can see it everyday.

As I was having my Christmas card list epiphany, I also decided that my gift list was too ambitious. I adore the idea of a hand-made Christmas, but I should have started long ago. Like February. We have a few people on our list that are near impossible to buy for and I always feel like the present that we select isn't quite *it*. This year, I wanted to make something for everyone and that is just crazy at this point not going to work.

So, what would any sane woman do? Why, she would start knitting a pair of socks for a gift. Mind you, said mentally sound woman has never knit a pair of socks before, but that didn't intimidate her. No siree. And is she following a specific pattern? Nah, she is winging it...borrowing from here and there. This is a recipe for disaster, y'all. Plus, she looks like she is wrestling a porcupine with all of those needles ready to fly out at any moment. The cable scarf is sitting in the bag, neglected *sob*. I love the cable scarf, but it isn't intended for a Christmas present. These socks are going to someone that is very hard to buy for. I say "socks"...plural. If nothing else, I am optimistic.

This is what it looks like when set down while knitting...

But at least she is still knitting dishcloths! This is another ball band cloth, only I modified it to be a bit smaller in width. I hate big cloths. It is about 6x6, which is perfect in my opinion. Only 2 more to go, then the rest will just be bonuses!

MIL arrives in 5 days from now!!!! Yay!



Tamie said...

Love the socks idea but that is ambitious! Sheesh I finally got someone yesterday to show me how to go from casting on to the 'next step'. Not sure my 1st project will happen anytime soon. Your rows look so uniform~~ God bless you! Maybe it just takes a while.
Be wise with your time, homemade gifts are only good for those that know what it takes to make them. (In my humble opinion) Card rule- I agree and even got more grinchy- send ecards to most.
xo T

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the socks lol. I'm sure they're turn out well for you.

I whittled my Christmas card list down a couple of years ago too.

Anonymous said...

I love your idea of the 2 year christmas card list. Socks sound like a good idea. You had my laughing so hard about the socks. Thanks I really needed a good laugh today. Good luck and keep us posted/laughing. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I bought 3 books of the exact same stamps on Saturday to send our Christmas cards with!


Deece said...

Ugh! Computer problems made me lose my comment.

Look at you knitting socks - winging socks! That's great. I tried to somewhat wing it with that hat and it looks like it'll be adult size. So I started another one on my smallest circulars, but I fear it's too small.

I found my other circulars - the ones that made me late last Saturday. So if this hat is too small, I can just start the same hat on a third set of needles! If I do, I'll try to at home to spare you another dose of my supreme idocy.

Deece said...

Oh my gosh, did that last comment even make sense?! I'm a bit stupid without James around. I miss him.