Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rockin' the cabbage

Can you believe that I made it past the 1-year mark with the whole nursing business? Holey moley, I can't. BTH has officially been weaned for just under 2 weeks. And what do I get for my troubles? More pain in the breasticles than I have ever imagined. Between this and the whole frankennipple episode at week 6...ey-yi-yi. Here I am rockin' the cabbage in my bra. It really works. That and ibuprofen. Better than that whole bottle of Gray Goose that I downed in no time flat.

Did anyone hear the girly squee last week? That would have been me. Yeah, my new needles are here! They are so awesome, I can't hardly stand it. Want to see their beauty? Okay.

I immediately put the size 11 tips on the longest cable and switched the tween shawl over. That is when the knitting kicked into high gear.

I only had a few rows of it done, now I have as much done as I can do. I am one row away from being out of yarn. So, I am waiting for a decision to be made by the recipient.

And I am about to start the heel flap of sock # 2, but I don't have any pictures to show of it. Next time. Pinky swear. They might even be done by then.

Okay, back to the Free Tibet dvd that is in. I saw this show back in 1996 (or 97) with a friend. Why didn't I realize then the awesomeness that it was? And I seriously had such a minimal grasp as to the cause that they stood for. Wow. Heavy stuff, that is. Beastie Boys, Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, Fugees, Beck, and lots of others that I am forgetting.

The countdown to Japan is on. We are going to Tokyo, Sapporo and Kyoto. Whee!



Myrna said...

Very pretty needles!! I find that if you love the needles, the knitting goes easier. :-)

Enjoy your trip...

Kendra said...

Congrats on the 1+ yr BF'ing! I never did get past the 2-week mark with The Baby...she wouldn't (couldn't??) latch at all and the pumping was cracking things something fierce. Too painful to continue, so I really had no other choice but to stop. I remember I was *miserable* for about a week, even with fresh cold cabbage leaves several times a day, plus an Ace bandage to bind everything tight. But things went back to normal...well, normal in the sense of no milkage, but not so much normal in regards to, er, size and shape. :-)

Cool knitting needle set. I'd seen those on their website and thought that was a pretty nifty idea to have interchangeable needles.

Have fun in Japan!

Deece said...

Those needles are awesome! I started my first plastic bag holder thing - it's fun! I feel like it's a blank canvas and I can work any design into it. Hopefully I'll have it finished by the time you get back.

KaLu said...

ohhh they are sooo pretty!!!

Melissa said...

I love those needles! I;m hoarding the change at the bottom of my purse to buy a set. Do you enjoy knitting with them?

Turtle said...

Don't you just love those needles? I got mine in september and am now saving up for the dpn set as well! If you ever find you have problems with any of the connections just call them, they were great and replaced a cable and needle for me that the screw mechanism was off.

mar77721 said...

Gosh those needles are so pretty! Wish they had crochet hooks like that. Or do they? : ) Love those socks!