Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Japan, anyone?

We are going to the Land of the Rising Sun, y'all. I am sooo excited! I have dreamed of going to Japan ever since Dad K. went (twice) for training with Mitsubishi and came back with his exotic stories (girls do what with hot wax?!?!) - not that I am going to see the girls...no siree. I am all about culture.

We are going to Sapporo, Tokyo and Kyoto. I know that we are staying in military lodging in the Sapporo area, and in the Tokyo area. Any suggestions for Kyoto?

I have been reading our Lonely Planet guide book for Japan and so loving the fact that Kyoto has tons of Buddhist temples. That was one thing that I loved loved loved about Thailand...the temples. By the way, if you ever go to Thailand, see the Reclining Buddha and the Emerald Buddha. Trust me. Take lots of pictures of the Reclining Buddha's feet and be a total farang. I was.

Anyway...the most important aspect of the trip hinges upon this question...can I get Noro for cheaper in Japan? I have read that I can get bamboo needles for 100 yen per pair (score!), but I am now wondering about Noro. Anyone? Bueller?

And if you give me a head's up about yarn / knitting shops in Sapporo (or Misawa), Tokyo, or Kyoto, I will get you a shiny souvenir. If you are a knitter, you might even get Noro and bamboo needles.

Cause I am nice like that.

And please (no offense to Melissa) do not suggest Tokyo Disney. DH would not stand for it for one minute. Plus, the rampant consumerism is enough to make me sick.



Anonymous said...

The Noro yarn is beautiful I would have a hard time choosing color. Have a wonderful trip, I'm with you in spirit and waiting to see all the pic. Congrats to Connor on being One our Mia is one month yesterday. Gayle

Melissa said...

I won't suggest Disney, but I agree the consumerism can get overwhelmingly gross. But I still love it!

Anyway, I loved Kyoto! We stayed in a fancy Ryokan, called Tamahan. It was really expensive, but amazing. It was right in the middle of the area of town where all the temples are. A great website if you want to look at stayiing in a ryokan is japaneseguesthouses.com. That's what we used to book ours. Kyoto is my fav place in all of Japan. Even Disney!

bigsoxfan said...

Missy, you are so lucky. The latest Sumo tournament is in Toyko this weekend. All the entertainment you could want. Here is a link which has the name of the wrestling hall. Wow, wish I could go. I don't know if you all gamble, but if you do, put your money on the big Mongolian. Asashoryu . He's big, got some scores to settle, and he's back. http://www.asahi.com/english/Herald-asahi/TKY200801160058.html

monique said...

How exciting!! I've never been, so I have no suggestions, but I sure hope you take lots of pics and share your experience on your blog!

mar77721 said...

Missy what an awesome experience that is going to be. I agree with Monique, take lots of pictures to share on your blog!

debijeanm said...

My DIL is from Tokyo and is a knitter. I emailed her and asked if she could suggest a store for you to visit. She must have spent an entire day on Google to have come up with what she did - in English and Japanese (hope your computer can read Japanese.)

It's a lot to post here, but let's see if it works (if so, maybe others can use it.) Keep your fingers crossed. She says,

OK, so I think any big department stores in any big towns in those cities have craft products floor, and they must have some yarns. I am so unfamiliar with Kyoto and Sapporo, but I gathered some information about Tokyo yarn stores. Stores that looks popular among knitter. I’ve never been to the stores, so it’s up to your friend if she’d really rely on my info☺ Well..but I am familiar with the area, and I do know that stores I listed aren’t tiny yarn shop of unknown town.

One thing I discovered from the research is that there are some knitters who get together and knit somewhere regularly, and it’s called “Knit Café Club”. I guess there are large population of crafters out there!

Tokyo(Tokyo is a big city, and there are many populated towns within Tokyo. I picked stores in towns where tourists would have an easy access to.)I'm sure people at hotels would help telling how to get to these stores. For just in case, I write address in two languages.

Tokyo Art Center in Ginza


Address: 東京都中央区銀座3-11-1 ニュー銀座ビル 4F

New Ginza Building 4F, 1-11-3 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Store hours:10:00~19:00(Sat~17:30) Closed:Sunday and national holidays

TEL: 03-3546-8880

Map: White circle is the location of Art Center. You can show this to a cab driver!



Ginza is a perfect place for shopping. That is where adults go! There are many prestigious stores, high-grade department stores, art gallery and cafes. I’m sure this town is on any guide book. There are three major department stores here. Matsuya, Mitsukoshi, Seibu. I think the first two have Craft goods floor. I don’t remember about Seibu, sorry. People at Information desk speak English, so you’ll get some info there.

MITSUBAYA in Minami Aoyama


Address: 東京都港区南青山1-1-1新青山ビル西館1F

Shin Minami Aoyama Bldg. Nishi Kan(west tower)1F

1-1-1 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku

TEL: 03-3404-1677

Store Hours: M-F 10am-7pm, Sat and holidays 10am-6pm, Sun closed

Closest subway stations: Aoyama Icchome Station on Ginza Line or Hanzomon Line or Oedo Line.

Minami Aoyama is also not for kids, and there are so many tourists there every day. OMOTESANDO is famous avenue with so many fancy stores. Omotesando is one station away from Minami Aoyama,if I remember right. One or two stops. It’s crowded but worth checking. You won’t feel like a tourist there, it’s very international area. So many things to look at, and fun!

Tokyo Stitch and Bitch


Interesting nameJ It’s a group from Yahoo, and I thought it may be useful.

This is a group for knitter who lives in Japan, and Pink Dot seems like a famous “foreigner” hand out place in Tokyo. This is in Omotesando, the town I mentioned earlier. Anyway, they may be able to answer your questions.

Let me go back to GINZA town. I found this popular yarn brand, Puppy.


It’s seems like it’s so popular among knitter, it often come up while I was googling. And they have a store in Ginza Matsuya, is’s a department store across the street from Art Center. 7F is the craft floor.

Again, any big department stores should have carry yarns if they have a floor for craft goods. And Kyoto and Sapporo are also big cities with many good department stores. In fact, there are sooooo many places to buy yarn in Tokyo.I didn’t list all the department stores that have yarns. Every single big town within Tokyo have some big department stores, and I’m sure you’ll find yarn at those places.

I hope this’ll help?!?!?!

Debi back. Darn, she sent a little chart ("you can show this to a cab driver") and I don't think the links are gonna work here. If you want the full email, send me an email address at dmiller@vcnet.com and I'll forward it to you.

I'm so jealous (and I don't even knit!)

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1) I got the package today! Just wanted to say a HUGE thanks for the yarn. And 100% Kona? Excuse me while I faint... (No, seriously. 100% Kona? And it's instant??? *faints again* :D

2) I have no helpful info on Japan, only to say I have always wanted to go there. Take lots of pictures please!