Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2008 Goals

I don't typically make "resolutions" in the sense that most people use. I like to think of them as "goals". So, in that vein, here goes:

1. Continue to be a nerdy bookworm.

In 2006, I read 53 books. This was pre-Baby Tree Hugger. My total for 2007 is 36. Not horrible, but far from surpassing the 53 mark from the previous year. I started this year off with a the Harry Potter series. I received 3 of the books for Christmas and have somehow miraculously stayed far away from Book 7 spoilers (please don't ruin it for me now).

2. Learn more Spanish.

So I can pass along my knowledge to Baby Tree Hugger as he develops his vocabulary. Unfortunately, I didn't retain much of the Latin I learned in High School.

3. Knit three sweaters.

At least. I have fiber and a pattern coming for two, and I have one on the needles (Baby Tree Hugger's).

4. Knit lots o'socks.

I am starting my first "real" pair as a KAL (knit along) with Deece this weekend. This is kind of my practice pair. I am using a worsted weight, that way I won't mess up any of the beautiful yarn that I have (and that I have received from Phoe). Plus, they are faster, hopefully avoiding the "second sock syndrome".

5. Continue to met with Deece for our weekly knitting while on island.

I really enjoy this time out. Being a SAHM without any family nearby is a little hard on the nerves sometimes, so it is good to get away for a couple of hours each week. Plus, Deece is totally cool, a much better knitter than I am (she makes her own patterns!), and really rocks out, even though she doesn't swear enough. We get to chat and sip coffee (coffee float for me!) without feeling guilty. Anyone on island want to join us? Want to learn to knit? We go to Coffee Care on Saturdays at 2 pm.

6. Find a sit and stitch in Juneau. Or make friends that knit and meet up.

Pretty self expanitory.

7. Make more cupcakes.

Because they are fun, cute and easy. I plan on exploring this site more: Cupcake Bakeshop. First up, the Hummingbird Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for Baby Tree Hugger's birthday next week.

8. Remember to take Calcium supplement every day.

I have slacked majorly since BTH was born. I need calcium and I know it.

9. Explore my spirituality more.

I am really struggling right now with where I am spiritually. I sensed a profound change in my way of thinking and rationale after Mom died. I question things more readily, I wonder about things. I have been thinking about this subject for a few months.

10. Get Pregnant

Yep, we are planning for Baby # 2 in 2008. No, I am not pregnant now, nor are we trying. Yet. Give me a few months... I want to have BTH weaned and be able to enojoy a couple bottles glasses of wine while making/eating dinner. Plus some vodka drinks. Totes off limits when incubating a new BTH or nursing a BTH.

By the way, I have a line on the IK Fall issue that I posted about in the last post. We are just negotiating the specifics. Thanks!



Carol said...

Happy New Year Missy!

KaLu said...

wow all your goals sound so nice.. maybe i'll just copy and paste on my blog ...well except #10
theres no more chunks in my plans for now

Anonymous said...

You want to get pregnant AND read more? Are you going to have enough time?


Chiloe said...

Que bueno que quieres aprender el espanol (va a ser un poquito dificil a Juneau ... lol)

It's great you managed to read so many books: I don't read as many books as before ...

tinuviel said...

I, too have decided to keep a list of everything I read for one year. And start a list of things I Want to read. It should be interesting to look back on :)