Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Woo Hoo! Baby stuff galore

We received a lovely package from my Aunt T in Dallas this week. I was very happy to open this up and see what goodies were inside. Shamefully I will admit, I *love* getting presents. But I don't want to seem greedy. I do love giving/sending presents it is just kinda hard to do here when you have to rely on the local stores for gifts or go online. I miss browsing.

Anyway, on to what was inside already!!

A package of washcloths, a package of onesies, a package of burp cloths (that match the onesies that Staci sent us a few months ago), a Classic Pooh plush rattle, a package of Classic Pooh bibs, a package of booties, a neat rubber ducky that has a temperature sensor on it that tells you if the bathwater is too hot, and my favorite of all, THE BUNNY SLIPPERS!!! They are so freaking cute, I can't hardly stand it. Even DH loves them. First thing he asked was, "Are you going to have the baby wear them when we go home to visit?" To which I replied, "You are damn right, I can't wait for it to get here so I can put them on it" (It being the baby).

Thank you, Aunt T!

Now, you all know by know that I love thrift shops and buying things at garage sales and secondhand shops. I love it even more when you find things at said places with the tags still on them. Then you know that they were never used (hopefully). Mom was at a thrift shop at home and saw this bag and thought it was a nice bag for her. She didn't really look at it, seems like it was a "snatch it before someone else's mitts come after it" situation.
She is a fan of the ginormous purse. And for $3 with the tag still on it, what a bargain!
Only when she got home and was looking at it more, and opened it up and pulled out the diaper pad did she say "What the hell?".
So, we got a pretty nice diaper bag. For free. It is from Target and is a chocolate brown. It is so soft and a nice suede-ish material. Yeah, it is fake suede, but how long do diaper bags really last? Longevity is not the concern here. I go for quality and classic designs (Coach) when selecting handbags because I want to carry them for 10 years (off & on), not a diaper bag.
We went and bought a crib mattress for the crib at the local baby shop and I got the crib itself all disinfected and cleaned (since it is secondhand). The baby's room is also our guest room. Not really concerned about that since we don't have any guests out here in Saipan (I think that the $1,500 plane ticket is a deterrant, personally). I used to have all of these stuffed animals on the guest bed, but we recently stripped the sheets off the bed and washed them. The only ones that slept there were the cats. I had to do a double take one day while walking past the baby's room as DH had arranged the stuffed animals in the crib. It was too cute. Don't call Child Protection Services yet, folks. I know that it all has to come out of the crib before baby goes in, I just thought it was too cute. And the crib is really nice for only $25.
Anyone else out there that is Christian and doesn't do the whole "Santa Claus" thing with their kids?
We have decided not to. No Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. I am not saying that those characters are banned from our house, we just aren't going to trick our kids into believing that they are real and then pulling the rug out from underneath them or having them learn from a meanie at school.
I found out when I was 6 years old and I was devistated that there was no Santa. My Dad told me. All because I was being a little beyotch about getting a Cabbage Patch Kid when my Ste-Sister didn't. It was 1983, y'all. People were getting mugged over these stupid dolls. Yeah, I did gloat. Big time. But my bubble was burst quite effectively. Then I got the threat of the beating of a lifetime if I told my Step-Sister and Step-Brother that there was no Santa.
I do have a point here. Follow me, will you? If you have a kid believe that there is a Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc., even though they never see the person and then eventually find out that they aren't real...how is that going to affect their spirituality in regards to Jesus? They can't see him, how will they truly believe that he is real?
That's not to say that we won't teach them of the folklore of Santa and his pals and incorporate them in some way. I just don't want our kids to put false hope into something that isn't true.
Besides too much empasis is put on the consumerism of the holidays instead of the actual reason for the holiday.
Thanks for reading my ramble. And to my new readers, I hope that I didn't scare you away! : )
I just read an article regarding Sen. Obama and if he keeps this up, he will have my full support in 2008.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet Aunt you have! I love those bunnies!Great buy on the diaper bag. The crib looks great. It is your decision on how you feel you want to handle holidays with your child. It actually makes sense because I was sad to find out also and my son felt the same way. I watched a special on Obama a while ago and can't remember where but it caught my attention and he has my support as well....:)

Anonymous said...

Aww I want those slippers for myself! So cute! What a great gift with the diaper bag! My sister is on her 6th diaper bag.. it seems she changes like she does her purse.. LOL

I had a chuckle the first Christmas I celebrated at my sister & BIL's house with my 2 month old niece, Natalie. BIL told Nat that he was only going to tell her once that there was no Santa, no Easter Bunny, etc.. it was priceless!


Mona said...

I've gone through two diaper bags before I found the one that really worked. I tend to pack way too much stuff into the bag, so I need thick straps with sturdy construction and stitching. I ended up with a weekend diaper bag that is perfect even though it's hard to squeeze under the stroller.