Monday, November 06, 2006

So Much To Say

Yay! We have a computer again! For a while anyway.

Dear People at Dell: Please bring back that super duper deal that you had about 6 weeks ago. I really want a laptop of my own. Thank you, the computer borrower in Saipan.


So much to catch up on. We changed from DSL through the phone company to Broadband through the cable company. Only because it was $20 a month cheaper. They did a ghetto job installing the cable into our office/studio room though. Yeah, nothing spells trashy like a big black cable nailed to the front of your white house, snaking down and bisecting it into 2.


Baby is doing great. Hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the journey! The bizarro dreams have returned. I wonder what makes us dream the things that we do. They are almost disturbing in a way sometimes. My favorite one lately is the one where the baby (a girl) came out a few weeks early to "let us practice" and then was going to go back in. Funny thing is, this baby knew what to do and she could tell me what to do. Strange. A boat brought our crib up this weekend from Guam, so we set that up in the baby/guest room and got that arranged for now. Then I got a bug up my butt and we rearranged the bedroom a bit and then did the living room. Looks like a new house.


DH went to Guam last weekend for a physical on Monday. Guess the hospital's lab here isn't accredited by the military or something, so off to Guam he was sent. He spent lots of $ on stuff for us that we can't get here or is too expensive. For instance: Velveeta. Yeah, it is kinda funky and full of crap but there is nothing like homemade Velveeta & pasta aka Mac 'n Cheese. And he got lots of canned salmon. For whatever reason. Plus some sour gummy worms that I love. I really wanted Sour Patch Kids, but he couldn't find those. He also got me 2 bottles of my favorite OPI nail polish, 2 big Yankee housewarmer jar candles, the baby's swing thingy, the crib, a huge bag of baby clothes, 4 bottles of Bath & Body Works hand soap for the kitchen, my breast pump and 2 tubes of lanolin for breastfeeding. Bet he felt like a stud buying a breast pump and tubes of I know that he got some other stuff but it is escaping me right now. I miss being able to go to the stores and get this kind of stuff. *Only 18 more months or so*


Mom is doing okay. Losing more hair. She had the double dose of Chemo on Friday. I am waiting for her to call me today or tomorrow, when she feels up to chatting. I made her a "Chemo Cap" out of a knit cotton material and she likes it so much she asked me to make more for her friends at Chemo. There is a benefit for her on Dec. 3, so I am working this week to finish some ornaments and smalls into raffle prizes for her benefit. Planning on getting them in the mail this weekend. I figure it is the least I can do. I know that I would buy raffle tickets if I were able to go, so I might as well donate some prizes. I also am sending the scarves that I knitted. I figure that she can put those in as well or give them to the Rescue Mission for the homeless.

I was tagged by Jenn recently:

The rules: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to.

Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
Pinball Wizard by The Who
Two Step by Dave Matthews Band (FAVORITE.SONG.EVER)
Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera
Possum Kingdom by The Toadies
Daughter by Pearl Jam
Rocket Man by Elton John

Yeah, my music is not so up to date. This was all I could think of off the top of my head. We have alot of music downloaded on our old computer and I used to just listen to that. I think that I am kind of late getting to this, so if you haven't done this yourself, consider yourself tagged.

I have been slacking in the Stitching Blogger's Questions lately, so I will try to do one per post to catch up. The most recent:

Today's SBQ was suggested by Lee and is:How did you decide on the title of your stitching blog? Was it random,or does it have a special meaning to you or about you?

Well, let's see. I am married, so that takes care of the "Wife" part. And my DH is a treehugger. Almost militant about it. He really has changed my way of thinking about our environment and the impact that we have. In regards to refuse, we recycle everything possible or try to reuse it for something else (ice cream buckets make perfect vegetable & plant containers). I do have to draw the line sometimes though. Case in point:

The Toilet Paper Incident:
*background: we don't go through alot of t.p. We moved into our house in May (6 months ago) and shipped up about 20 rolls of regular sized t.p. (not the double rolls). We recently had to go buy more*

DH: I don't understand why you have to use so much toilet paper.

Me: Umm, because I am a girl and have to wipe every time I go to the bathroom, and adding to that, I am pregnant and have to go like every hour.

DH: Well, can't you just use a washcloth or something?

Me: Well, I suppose that theoretically I could, but I don't want to.

DH: What about just using your hand? I mean, you wash your hands afterwards anyway.

Me: Seriously?! My HAND? go right ahead and use your hand to wipe your ass and let me know how it goes. That's just gross. There are alot of things that I am willing to make a concession on and change my habits with, but toilet paper is not negotiable!

Me: *grumbling under my breath* No f***-ing way am I giving up toilet paper. My hand... *rolling eyes*


So, that is how I got the name. Not exceptionally clever, but effective. I think that the fact that DH is a treehugger secretly masks his penny pinching ways. Anyone that knows us knows how thrifty he can be but in his defense...he comes by it naturally.


Boo...I just read that the Bears lost today. Miami beat them today 31-13 to set their record at 7-1. Boo. Even though I am a Packer fan, I have family that roots for Chicago so I am not really biased. Except when the Bears vs. Packers game is on. Then it is on bitches! I still love the Packers, but I have to admit that the Pack sucks this year. I have been hearing rumblings about the Superbowl already and the Bears doing the "Superbowl Shuffle" redux. A la 1985. People, those were the glory years for my generation. We're not here to start no trouble... (Come on Staci...I know you know all of the words!!! Sing it, sister!)


Bring on the Pictures:

Some of the things that I have done recently and can think of off the top of my head...

The sewing machine cover. Mom must have sent me 30 yards of this fabric...I swear I have a ton of it. Good thing that I think it is kinda groovy. I have been trying to use it up. So far, I have made it into napkins, a sewing machine cover and also used it for the knitting needle holder roll thingy. I even found some decorative trim in my stash for the edging along the bottom. Not too bad for no pattern and just a simple design in my brain.

Then there is the knitting needle roll holder thingy. Same fabric as the sewing machine cover, but I lined it with a coordinating blue. I made it 2 levels. The top level holds my standard needles, and the bottom level holds my double pointed needles, my needle & stitch gauge along with a slot for circular needles. I love it. Again, made without a specific pattern, just an idea. Did I mention that I broke 2 of my sewing machine needles making this thing? I thought that it was because I had cleaned out the machine, but I don't know. I am down to my last needle until I order more from Home Sew next week.

A view of the projects that are ongoing and currently cluttering up my ironing board in the studio/office. You can see the crocheted granny squares piled up that will be joined together for a quilt for MIL & FIL. I have about 10 more squares to do of the multicolored pattern, then I can start to join. Then you have fabric from my stash that will work its way into a quilt, and also some felt that I am going to use for ornament finishing...and some crochet thread that I knit a bit of to decorate cards...hmmmm...I think that DH's birthday present is buried under there somewhere, waiting to be wrapped.

I was the lucky recipient of a RAK from Kim this past week!!! She was so thoughtful and saw that I was wishing for a pink ribbon breast cancer fob on my wishlist so she got the beads and had her talented sister make this for me. Isn't it sooo pretty. It is absolutely gorgeous in person and I was thrilled to receive it and her lovely note. The photograph does not do it justice in any way. I photographed it with my old UFO...Christmas Elf Fairy. I dragged it out last week and put in more stitches into the wing. I am so bummed though, I am out of the "Cloud" color for the wings. And I only have a little bit left to do. This is one reason why I don't typically use the hand dyed flosses. I feel like I waste the floss since you have to "cross" each "x" as you go, instead of doing it /// and then going back and going \\\ over the top. The backside is still neat, but I do it in a way that wastes it I guess. Poop. Going to search ebay to see if anyone is selling that color. I want to get this done and beaded by the end of the month. I have alot of goals for this month so we will see.


That's all for me right now. I have some blog reading to catch up on and I have to list 11 boxes of Mother Earth News on ebay for DH. Duplicates from his collection.



Carol said...

Wow, about two months to go?? How exciting! I would say those anxiety dreams are pretty normal, although a little distressing when you have them... big old change coming up in your life :-)

K in Kentucky said...

The TP discussion made me LOL! I also would not concede on that one. Men just do not really understand that women *need* toilet paper...we can't just shake it off! :-) Pregnancy makes it worse...and I'll tell you, you'll go through a lot more after baby arrives!