Sunday, November 26, 2006

Turkey Day, Big Belly, New Camera, Spot the Kitty...

Things around here have been pretty relaxed. We had a nice Thanksgiving. We were invited to a few get-togethers so off we went. The first one was at Pau Pau beach here on Saipan. A beach I had never been to, but was very surprised at how nice and clean it was. Maybe Beautify CNMI! has been there recently...? They really do a nice job of cleaning beaches and planting trees around the island. I think that they are really getting the treehugging word out. I am hoping that we will join their efforts at some point once the baby is born...right now I feel like a house. The second party was at a friend's house and it was nice. We were home by 7:30, so I was thankful for that.

DH took a pic of me on Thanksgiving I am 33 weeks (8 months) pregnant and can you believe that I am wearing an outfit that I wore in June 2003!? I was a bit husky back in 2003, but I about died when I put the outfit on and was able to button it up. I know that I look thrilled in the picture, it was the end of the night, we were at DH's office for him to finish up some work so that he could stay home on Friday and I just wanted to go home. : )

This week I have been working on ornaments. I have a few more left to do and then I will post a picture of them all. We are being scrooges this year and not really "doing" Christmas. I just think that it will be too much since the baby is due at the beginning of January. I am sure that I won't feel like taking down a tree and decorations with a newborn. All I will probably want to do is sleep. So, in that same train of thought, we aren't really sending presents to our families...just the ornaments that I make. And we are asking for nothing in return, because doing so would just not be right.

I am getting a new camera!!! It is a Kodak P850. I hope that it will be here in the next week or so. Here is a link to the review of it. I looked at quite a few online before choosing this one. DH has really been talking about the Canon Rebel Digital SLR, but I can't see forking over $800 right now for one. Even though it would match his 35mm. And it rocks.

Then I read an article online about the Sony Cybershot (which is the craptastic one that I have currently) having problems with the LCD screen, etc. due to humidity in certain climates. Umm, hello...thanks alot people! I am going to still investigate to see if I can get it repaired through them or not. They will probably say that I can't since we live in Saipan and everyone thinks that Saipan is BFE or a foreign country. We are a Commonwealth of the USA!!! Rant over.


Can you tell which one of these critters doesn't belong? I caught Bella Baby snoozing in the crib yesterday. We are so going to have to get a crib tent to keep the kitties out of the crib. We shoo them out when we catch them, but I am not looking forward to the times that we don't know about...

Image hosted by (click on the picture to see it bigger)
by curlystitcher

In the picture you can also see the 2 blankets that Mom crocheted for the baby hanging over the rail. Okay, I think that we are all set with the crocheted baby blankets! I did one, Mom did two, and Granny usually does one for all new babies...although she hasn't said anything about it. The kid will be hauling these to college with it, it will have so many. Did I ever mention that it is *hot* here?

DH & I are really getting anxious about the baby coming. I am most anxious to know what the gender is. I decided that with the next one, we will find out before it is born. Doesn't mean that we have to tell everyone. Although I am sure we will. Or, I will. I can't keep many secrets.



Carol said...

You look beautiful Missy - I am also starting to get excited about your big day.... I am guessing, perhaps, a girl? Well, I want a girl for you... LOL

Deece said...

How exciting - 33 weeks! You're almost there!

My camera is broken and we are going to take it to Sam Electronics in San Antonio. My husband spoke to the guy and he said he'll try, but he can't promise he can fix it. I brought the camera in and turned it on to show him the lens error message I have been receiving for months - and what happened? It worked!!! So I spent the rest of the day with my camera, and took pictures of whatever. And what happened the next day? It stopped working again! Anyway, I'm taking way too long to say that I'm going to take it in to Sam Electronics, hopefully they will fix it. It might be worth a shot for you too.

monique said...

you look so beautiful Missy! Thanks for sharing the pic :)

Anonymous said...

WOW, you make a beautiful Mommy! I hope your DH tells you that too!

Great to see you were out and about on Thanksgiving. Cant wait to see pics with the new camera.

Dont worry about getting too many blankets for the baby. Just be thankful that you have something to remember the person by. :)

Also, thanks again for the wonderful bday present you sent! It meant alot!


K in Kentucky said...

Oh, you're getting close! That last month is *awful* and seems to drag on FOREVER. Just stay as comfy as possible...and get your sleep while you can!


Little Grey Cat said...

Oooh, not that long to go then. I love those crocheted blankets, they are gorgeous!

I wish I'd have had more willpower not to find out the baby's sex when I was pregnant. If it every happens again I wont be finding out :o)

Wendy said...

You look great, Missy! Doesn't the waiting seem to take forever? And once the little one is here, the time just flies by.

You know, you can just never have too many blankets, diapers can leak, babies can spit up....all those fun things to look forward to.

Jenn said...

You look beautiful Missy! I'm so happy for you. You've gotten some wonderful things for the baby lately. Bella blends in with all the 'friends' in the crib. I think the tent is a go.