Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sewing Machine - 1, Missy- 0

Did I ever mention that I *hate* my sewing machine? I do. And I wish that I had taken Home Ec so that I actually had some idea of what I was doing instead of reading the manual and flying by the seat of my pants. I have spent the last 30 minutes ripping out seams. No matter what I do, my stitches are tight, uneven, and the machine jams up because the shuttlerace underneath gets a tiny bit wobbly and I can't keep it tightened up.

I tried up upgrade to Blogger Beta this am and it told me that I can't. Rat Bastards. I see all this "Switch Now" hoopla on my dashboard and then when I get the balls to try to do it...denied.

Stitching updates:

I have been working on ornaments this past week. I only have 2 *maybe 3* left to do, if I am ambitious enough. This last month of pregnancy is wiping me out like nobody's business.

(No, I wasn't drunk when I took these just never know how they are going to turn out since I can't review them or look at them on the LCD screep of ol'crappy. And I get tired of re-doing them so here they are in their glory.)

Prairie Schooler
"Santa Canoe"
Leftover linen scrap (32 ct)
DMC floss

Birds of a Feather

"Keep Christmas In Your Heart"

2000 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue

leftover linen scrap (32 ct)

DMC floss

Lynn's Prints

"Outside My Window"

2005 Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue

linen scrap (32 ct)

DMC floss


Now who was it that said that they don't want any presents for the baby? Yeah, that is me, eating crow right now. We got some really awesome things in the mail this week and I am loving it!!!

First is the package from my MIL & FIL. She told me recently that she has ordered more things and will ship them once she gets them. I can't wait!!

They sent:

*a package of 2 Boppy Slipcovers, which I love

*Hola Jalapeno (board book), My First Sushi (board book), Yum Yum Dim Sum (board book), and a Little Golden Book of SleepyTime Tales hardcover book.

Love it all. DH & I had a fun time reading the board books...they are so cute! (I can already hear my BFF, the Popularity Queen, making comments about the "weird" food that we eat. Got to introduce the baby to it early in life so that it likes it!!)

Then, we got a GIANT box in the mail from my Dad & J. I knew that they were sending this since J told me that she was going shopping for the baby. I told her, "Well, just don't go crazy." To which she replied, "You know I will!."

And she did.

Here is the box, before opening...

And this is the ton of stuff that was inside of it:

*Bottle drying rack

*Giddy Up & Go play mat with hanging things

*Sponge-y bath mat thing for bathing

*Evenflo Elan Feeding System

*Evenflo bottles


*Mother Goose Pop-Up book

*Nursery Rhyme hardcover book

*First book of "Taggies"

*Johnson's baby care gift pack with soaps & stuff

*Infant grooming kit with the always funny booger sucker thingy

*rubber duck for bath time (a kid can never have enough toys in the the other duck has a pal!)

*A hooded bear fleece blanket

*Baby Einstein soft books: What Floats and Water Everywhere

*a Boppy reversable cover that is sooo my style. I *love* the fabrics on this!

*2 waterproof mattress pads

*4 crib sheets

Wow! I think that we are set with baby stuff! It was almost like Christmas opening that box. I really need to put some sheets back on that bed sometime soon...kinda ugly for staging pictures. : )

I am anxious to start getting everything put away and all the linens and clothes washed...I told DH the other day that I was going to start and he said, "Don't you think it is a bit early yet? We still have another month to go." Fine, you win. But only for another week.


Speaking of DH, he has really come up with some zingers lately.

The other night I was in the kitchen and thought there was something on the floor, so I bent at the waist kinda and looked down. He was walking past and said, "What are you looking for, your feet?".

Last week, we were getting ready to go and I said, "Hang on, I need to go to the bathroom first." (a pregnant woman's bladder is a tricky thing) I went to the bathroom and he followed me since he was still talking to me (we don't hide much in this house). As my 2 teaspoons of pee came out, I gave him an exasperated look and threw my hands in the air...his reply?

"Yeah, be sure to empty out your thimble."

Did I mention that I baked cookies last week? Yep, some oatmeal pumpkin cookies with whole wheat (they need chocolate). And I also managed to touch the hot cookie sheet to my giant belly which resulted in a nice burn and blister. Mother of the Year, right here!!



I am so sick of ebay sellers holding my feedback hostage. I did my part, I paid you very leave feeback for me. Don't wait to see what I am going to say. Arrrgghh.



Carol said...

Oh, I love your finishes - Santa Canoe is too cute!!! So many are switching to beat blogger but are loosing their templates and expressing frustration, so I have decided to avoid it at all costs! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love your finishes. Wow oh wow, you got a lot of baby goodies. I loved going through all of mine. I agree with you on the ebay feeback they can be stingy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the struggle with the sewing machine! Mine lately is giving my back aching pains... it hurts! Have you tried adjusting the tension? That is the little knob on the front right above the foot.

Humm about the Beta.. maybe it was having an off day?!?!

I love your Santa with the canoe! Do you have a link as to where I can get that freebie?!? That is so me! Also love your other finishes. Keep up the great work!

And remember what you said about having baby shower?!?! Well I think you are experiencing "baby shower by mail" WOW, you should be thankful for all the goodies you have received from you family!

Your DH is funny! I had to laugh out loud and read to my DH what your DH said, cause I got a chuckle out of it.. LOL

I totally agree with the sellers waiting for you to leave feedback, so they can leave feedback for you. You did your end of the transaction, then they better complete their end! Besides you see alot of negative feedback as a result.

Have a great day~

Wendy said...

Your ornaments look great! I've heard some bad stuff about Blogger Beta, so don't be in a hurry to switch over yet, at least not until they get all the 'kinks' worked out.

Wonderful baby gifties you have received!

AnneS said...

Great ornies - one of my faves is the BOAF heart one ... definitely one on the list to do for myself next year! :) Great gifties for baby too! Best wishes for your Mum's benefits ... hope everything is going well for her {{hugs}}.