Monday, November 27, 2006

Some stash has to go!

I have just listed a few auctions on ebay...some of this stuff has got to go!!!

My ebay auctions

There is a lot of Just Nan's with embellishment packs, a lot of Lizzie Kate & Mill Hill patterns from kits and also a Crossed Wing "Silken Wings" kit.

I also have a "Vintage Box" from Gloria & Pat that has about 46 pattern books and a stitched model available (not listed yet on ebay) for $28 including shipping. Email me if you want pictures or listing of charts: mhighfill@gmail. com

I also have a huge pile of patterns that I am going to go through and list on ebay as one *GIANT* lot.

Bid often and bid high! : )

Remember, we have a baby coming : )


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Anonymous said...

Good luck with selling those lots! Hope you make lots of money!