Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Another souvenir from Australia trip

Have you all seen this cute heart freebie for the holidays? Click here to see it. I think that it is adorable and have printed it out. Not saying that I will get to it this year, but you know.


We got another souvenir in the mail from our Australia trip...

DH got a speeding ticket. Don't be shocked, I wasn't. I saw the signs everywhere that said that they use cameras to monitor speed.

His alleged speed was 115km/h (equals 71.46 mph) and the permitted speed was 100km/h (equals 62.14 mph).

The fine for going 9.32 mph over the speed limit in Australia?

$215 AUD which equals $165.81 USD. OUCH. That cuts into the diaper buying budget!

They don't mess around in Australia.

This is the same model we had in Aus, a Hyundai Getz...Getz you where you are going!!


Anonymous said...

Ouch! is right! Sorry he got a ticket. I had to laugh Getz you where your going! I think that is a cute freebie also.

Carol said...

Great freebie, Missy! Thanks for the link! Wow, that is a stiff fine!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link for the freebie! Sorry to hear that your gift arrived. Were you aware of it before now?!

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to you, Jim, and Baby!