Monday, January 16, 2006

My computer has the "feel bads"

And I think that it is my fault. At least DH thinks it is my fault. Somehow we have a trojan or two or someother virus and now things are wonky and not running right. DH is thinking it is from reading my blogs. Seriously, I have about 30 of them that I click onto every day. And only one is for celeb gossip. The rest are stitching, homemaking, etc. It usually takes me over an hour to do my computer time every day. So I have not been reading my blogs like usual and I feel left out!

I love reading everyone's stories and seeing the pictures. I might try to read some of the ones that I have been reading for the past 4 months...just not the more recent ones...never know if one of them is the culprit. There is one that I read (infrequently) that is written by a pretty snarky needleworker...maybe she would be the one. Anywhoo...she is on my banned list anyway since she is pretty new.

There is a simple solution:
1. Keep our virus protection updated yearly (ahem...)
2. I could figure out a way to sneak another computer in this house so that I can have my own. (ya right like that will happen)

I vote for wiping everything out on the computer, reloading it all and updating our virus protection. Although I wouldn't mind a laptop or something of my own just for my stitching stuff! :)

On to the important stuff...

*dumroll please*
Here is Bobbi's finished going away present:

She reports that it will eventually have a place of honor on their bed once they are done PCS'ing to Georgia. I am very thrilled that she loves it!

Today is Monday...MIRABILIA MONDAY!!! I love this little fairy! I will try to upload a picture of her in my next post. My rotation is out of whack. Monday is okay since I an doing the SAL, but the rest of the week is off. I don't have any gifts/exchanges going on, I am still doing IL's quilt (only a few more rotations), I am almost done with the ornament and I just started a new crochet lap blanket tonight. That means I need to pull out a UFO to work on. I think that I will work on Enchanted Alphabet now. After reviewing my rotation, I think that I will put E.A. on Thursdays and crochet on the weekends or whatever I want on the weekends.
Well, I am going to try some of DH's ribs tonight. I have never been a fan of ribs but I am willing to give it a shot.


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