Sunday, March 02, 2008

Family in Japan

Here are our family pictures from Japan. I realized while going through these that we aren't terribly adventurous in our picture taking. Get your mind out of the gutter, you perv! I am talking about fun, silly shots with BTH and different poses. Or at least making the peace sign like the Japanese people do when they get their picture taken. Will try harder next time!

Kiyomizu Temple

At a Temple near Ueno Zoo in Tokyo. We did go to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo and got to see the famous Panda, Ling Ling. Well, we saw Ling Ling's lovely backside...she wouldn't turn around to see us.

Yay! Snow! We saw a lot of snow. BTH wasn't too sure about it at first, but he really liked. Good thing since he is headed to Alaska in 4 months.

BTH was konked out at the Showa Daibutsu.

At the Hirosaki Lantern Festival.

Deer Park at Todai-ji Temple in Nara. These deer were ruthless if you were holding something edible. I was a sucker and bought the "Deer Cookies" (which totally smelled like the south end of a north facing dog) for 150 yen. I tried my best to get lots to the baby, but the others would actually bite at me to get at them. After about 2 bites to my touchas, I was done.

BTH loved his hat and mittens for the first few days...then I think that he got sick of being on the go and would cry when we put his hat on him.

At the New Sanno Hotel in Tokyo.

At the park in Tokyo.

BTH got to wear the sweater that I knit for him! I was so excited that it fit him like a glove.

We rented a stroller from the hotel for one day. I love this picture. The other ones of this same shot he totally looks bored and ready to move on.



Chiloe said...

Thanks for sharing !!! Even though Connor didn't seem to enjoy, I'm sure he had a lot of fun with his parents ;) It's so great you had the opportunity to take this trip !!! I'm soooooooo jealous! lol

Kendra said...

Looks like you had fun! BTH better get used to that snow...LOL! He's going to experience some severe climate shock! It might be a good idea to start reading him lots of books about snow...and winter...and cold weather. :-)

Jenn said...

What great pictures Missy! Conner is getting so big! I couldn't help but smile at the picture of him with his hat and mittens on and in the big chair in the lobby.

Bertha said...

I love these pictures! What a beautiful family you are! The hat & mittens pic, so cute!

Alyssa said...

I love the Japan pictures. I've always want to go myself. It seems like such a beautiful country.

And thanks for the suggestion with knit picks I'm going to call them when I get home from work tomorrow. I was so sad when they started breaking. All but one cable had never been used before. I hope they're helpful.

Kristin said...

Wanted to say thank you for stopping by the blog and joining in the contest! :) You're welcome to head back over anytime since it seems like there's always something new going on! :) Blessings!

bigsoxfan said...

Japan seems to have the landscaping thing down to an art. Great settings for the LTH. We are loving spring here. Pmpkn is walking and so curious. My best spring ever. I would love to bring them to Japan, but if we could afford a trip, it would be to Saipan. Peace.. Mark and Erdene

bigsoxfan said...

Found this while wandering around today. Might come in handy next winter.

Kristin said...

Wanted to stop in and let you know that you won a contest over on my blog! Stop on in if you get a chance. :) Congratulations!! :)


Melissa said...

Great pictures! I am trying to catch up on my blog reading and I'm so excited to read you guys decided on Alaska. What an adventure. Then again my idea of living in Alaska is all Northern Exposure. Probably nothing like that at all.

eda said...