Thursday, May 25, 2006

Okay, I am nervous

My Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004. She has gone through hell with this. She had a bilateral mastectomy since it was in both breasts, spent all winter on Chemotherapy and finally got her reconstruction surgeries done this past year.

She found 2 new lumps on her chest and goes in for biopsies today. I am nervous for her. I know she is scared, I would be freaking out. I am hoping that we know something in the next week. I know that she is ready to get this all behind her now. They say that you aren't considered a "survivor" until you are cancer-free for 5 years.

Here are some pieces that I have stitched (not yet finished) in the past couple of months:

Designer: 4 My Boys

Designer: Lizzie*Kate
The sales of this design benefit Hurricane Katrina Relief

Designer: Prairie Schooler (freebie from website)

And here is a sneak peek at what should be done by the end of the weekend:

I am working on #3 of 3. I will sew them into pillows (fabric is under the PS freebie above) and send them to each set of Grandparents-to-be. I will send them all on the same day, via Priority Mail so that they will hopefully get them on the same day the following week. We aren't going to include a card or you think that they will get the hint? I graphed out the design myself using Lizzie*Kate's alphabet from her "First Christmas" pattern. The middle part has 2 bumblebees tumbling around...really cute when stitched!

This is a picture of the "family & friends photo wall" that I was complaining about so much in the last post:

P.S. Thanks, Jo! :)


~Kim~ said...

Prayers for your mom and you :)

Love your finishes.. you have been busy!

Love the idea of letting the grandparents know of the baby arrival.

The picture wall... just wait till the baby comes, your walls are going to be covered!


Ancient Clown said...
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Ancient Clown said...
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Jenn said...

You picture wall looks great! Contrats on all the finishes. I've been in such a stitching slump lately. Not good when you have a RR that needs to get mailed. :(

My thoughs are with your mom right now. I hope that everything turns out ok.