Friday, May 26, 2006

Pink ribbon that is...

Please keep thinking happy thoughts and please keep Mom in your prayers. I called her this morning (we are 15 hours ahead of CST) and she had just received the phone call with her pathology report. Geesh, that was quick, just over 24 hours since her biopsies. Anyway...the cancer is back. And the doctor took a spot off of her face and it is cancerous also. She didn't really know what kind or any she was kind of hopped up on a pain pill I think. With it being a holiday weekend, she will hopefully be able to see her Oncologist on Tuesday next week to figure out a treatment plan. Last time she only did surgery and chemotherapy. This time she wants to be more aggressive and do chemotherapy and radiation. But, it all depends on what the Oncologist thinks. I just can't believe that she doesn't have to do a yearly CT scan or something as a preventative measure...

I got an email newsletter from a quilting place the other day that was showing some really pretty pink ribbon quilts. I have been thinking of doing one for her. But I am the world's slowest hand-quilter. And I don't know how to applique. I think that I need to have Kim come over here and give me some lessons! :) Maybe then she can teach me how to sew properly while she is at it. I am much too impatient to sit and read directions and practice, so I just jump in head first when it comes to sewing.

I have also thought about doing a stitching project for her instead. This one is pretty, but she isn't technically considered a survivor yet. I did the JABC stitch every day freebie already for her...look for it here. Anyone know of any others out there? I think that I will do a Google search later on, or search at

Otherwise, all is well here. I think that I have stopped having crazy non-sense dreams for a while. And I haven't gained any weight yet. But, I am the type of person that can gain and lose 5 pounds in the span of 48 hours.

It is so freaking hot here, I almost can't stand it. I am going to put a sheet in my stitching chair today so that hopefully I can get some work done comfortably. Our furniture holds heat like nobody's business. I really try not to think about turning on the AC because then the electric bills go through the roof (must be something about how the power for the island is supplied by engines that run on gasoline).

I filled up our Honda Civic the other day and about fell over when it came to $41. Gas here is $3.37 a gallon and has been for about a week or so. Wonder if it will go up more today for the weekend? Mobil and Shell are the only places here to get gas so there isn't much competition.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday weekend! Thanks Jenn & Kim for the happy messages!


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