Tuesday, October 03, 2006

October is....

Finally here!

And it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Getting the word out about breast cancer is especially important to me and women in my family. My Great Aunt is a survivor after a Mastectomy, My Grandmother is a survivor after a Mastectomy and My Mother continues her battle with breast cancer to this day.

Mom has had numerous surgeries over the years to remove lumps and finally ended up having to have a bilateral Mastectomy (medical jargon for removing both of her "lady lumps") in 2004 followed by a round of Chemotherapy. This year they found more of the cancerous tissue so she just finished a 15 week round of Radiation in August.

She has 6 new lumps and had more nuclear testing done this past week. She is now preparing herself mentally for another long Illinois winter housebound and a repeat performance of the Chemotherapy routine. Last time she had Chemo, the side effects were pretty drastic and linger to this day. She is now on permanent disability at 49 years old due to nerve damage in her legs from the Chemo Cocktail. She ordered a new car in 2005 and it sits unused in the driveway because she is unable to drive a manual transmission and push in the clutch anymore.

Surprisingly, she continues to be upbeat. She is looking forward to turning 50 in February and also the birth of her first grandchild in January.

So, ladies (and men as there is a small amount of men who do get breast cancer), please do your monthly self examinations and get a mammogram done routinely. They really don't hurt that badly...I had one already and the few seconds of discomfort are nothing compared to what Mom is going through. If you have a family history of breast cancer, be sure that your doctor is aware of it.

To learn more about breast cancer and ways to donate, please visit the Susan G. Komen website here.

And if you have a minute, please send a message to your lawmakers to urge them not to cut funding for Medicare participants that are undergoing breast cancer prevention, diagnosing or treatment. Please click here. It is a quick little fill in the blank with your info form.

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I am hoping to be able to post some pictures of finishes and other stuff maybe later tonight or tomorrow.



Carol said...

Thanks Missy :-) I sent my letter!

K in Kentucky said...

Prayers/positive thoughts for your mother as she's fighting this battle. It's great that she's upbeat and positive and hopefully that will have a corresponding effect on her prognosis!
Here in Kentucky, they just released a Breast Cancer license plate. I don't renew my plates until next year, but I've already thought about getting one when the time comes. Every little bit helps. :-)

Concetta said...

Your mum sounds like a very brave lady. You're all in my thoughts.

~Kim~ said...

Missy - your post brought tears to my eyes. Luckily enough no one in my family has had to deal with this awful battle. Prayers to your Mom for all she has to endure. Its so sad that life can be so cruel at times. Its great that she has a positive outlook, and the greatest gift you can give her is that child that lives inside of you. All my best, my friend!