Sunday, October 01, 2006

The crazy book lady

You know how some women are crazy cat ladies (my Mom for one, who now has 15 cats...anyone in Illinois want a cat?)? Well, I am the crazy book lady. I have resorted to piling books up next to the 8 foot tall bookshelf that DH built because we have too many.

I am on the third book of the "Chronicles of Narnia", I think that it is called "The Horse and his Boy"...this particular book is moving a bit slowly, the other two in the series were a snap. Only 4 more to go after this one.

DH & I went to a garage sale yesterday (did I ever mention how much I love garage sales?) and the lady there is a bookworm as well...I could have easily spent alot more money if I had the patience to go through all of the books more carefully. We (DH did get 3 books afterall) only spent $10...on 19 books and a cat toy.

Here is a listing:

At another garage sale, I got a 4 pack of bobbins for my sewing machine for 25 cents!!! What a great shopping day!

After our garage sale adventures, we dropped off our newspapers, cardboard and shredded paper to the recycling center. I think that it all ends up in the dump eventually but at least we try.

Then we took our dog, Lady to the beach. She is a good swimmer, although she would rather just walk along the beach and sniff the hermit crabs. DH spotted a really cool blue starfish while he was swimming. Made me regret that we didn't bring the underwater camera. It was vivid.

While at the beach (Aqua Beach & south of it), we picked up a canvas shopping bag full of aluminum cans. Budweiser is truly the king of the island if you were to judge by the amount of cans that we picked up. I don't understand why people don't recycle their aluminum...they pay you for the cans for pete's sake!


I am almost done with the baby afghan that I am crocheting. I am using Peaches n Cream cotton yarns, and doing it in a big Granny Square pattern. Not like the baby will need it here as hot as it is. I will get a picture once it is done.

I haven't picked up a needle or any cross stitch in forever it seems like. I did get a bit of new stash recently thanks to Jenn. She gave me a gift certificate to Down Sunshine Lane for my birthday back in March and I have been hemming and hawing about what to get. Well, I placed my order last week and here is what I got. BTW, let me just say that I love Amy at Down Sunshine Lane! Great service, I plan on using her much more. Thanks again Jenn for your generosity! You really surprised me when I needed it most.

2006 Just Cross Stitch Special Christmas Ornaments Issue

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The magazine exceeded my expectations this year and I am very happy that I got my grubby hands on a copy!

Lizzie*Kate "Work Pray Trust" S69

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I knew when I saw this new release that I had to get it. We are planning a low-key Christmas this year, but I know that this will be stitched a couple of times for special people in our lives.


I have uploaded a couple of new pictures into my webshots album...a few that DH had on his work computer of our trip to Australia, some recent tummy shots (don't mind how babelicious I am looking), and a few new ones of the pets. Go to my webshots album to see.



Jenn said...

You got some great books Missy. Enjoy reading them! I'm glad you like the GC and got a few things that you wanted.

I just had a peek at your webshots album. Your pics from Austalia are great. I love the pic of you holding Madeline. I see you have your yellow hat on again *grin*

Carolyn said...

You found some great garage sale finds. I can't wait to see the baby afghan it sounds really pretty! Have fun with your magazine. I have this one and love it! Checked out the pics and they are great! Thanks for sharing.

Concetta said...

I like Marian Keyes too. :) I haven't read anything by her for some years now, but gosh I remember laughing most of the way through "Rachel's Holiday"... Those time share pants/trousers still stick in my mind! LOL

Wonderful photos from your Australia trip!

~Kim~ said...

WOW, you are such a bookworm! I havent read a book in so long, I and I have books at the bedside, but never find myself reading.

I did receive your email, and I looked at all the pictures from Australia, and of your baby bump pictures. You are such a beautiful mother! Thanks soo much for showing you off! I was just looking at your baby ticker.. WOW less than 100 days to go! Wow, where has the time gone!


~Kim~ said...

Oh, and Im jealous! You got the JCS Ornament issue before I did! I have been looking for it, but I finally emailed a LNS and asked if she had anymore left, nope, but she was going to order a few more, and that my name was going to be on one.. WOOHOO!

I love that new L*K chart... I wanna stitch that one also.