Wednesday, March 14, 2007

It's not so bad...really.

So, last week I turned 30. Time marches on. It really wasn't as traumatic as some people make it out to be.

My actual birthday was great! DH woke me up to feed the baby and when I went into the living room, I saw that the baby had my present. A nursing necklace. (It is something that Mama wears to try to keep baby focused on the task at hand instead of jerking it's little head around to see what is going on, and the baby can play with it instead of pinching Mama or grabbing her hair.)

Later on, when we actually got out of bed (around 7), DH surprised me by making me a pot of coffee and fixing a cup of it just the way I like it. Then my family started calling, and DH went and cleaned both bathrooms and started laundry while I chatted. Later we went to lunch at Wild Bill's (my choice, love the burgers), ran some errands and then later went to Aqua to meet some friends for happy hour. It was a nice day. I wouldn't mind turning 30 again next year if it would be as nice as this one.

I received a wonderful present from Carol. As soon as I saw the return address on the package, I got all excited and told DH, "Ooh, that Carol, she makes the cutest presents for her friends and finds just the right chart to stitch for the recipient." And true to my words, she really wowed me with this fob...perfect for a "Treehugger's Wife". The little charm says "Believe". It is on 40 ct. linen and the teensy tiny stitches are perfect. Thank you again, Carol!!

Another present that I got was a Moby wrap. It was from Dad & J. My step-mom is the type of person that hounds you and hounds you until you finally give in and tell her what you want. This was all I could think of that was not diaper related.

I love the Moby. We haven't gotten the hang of the ring slings yet, and I still wanted to wear the baby (and try to get some things accomplished during the day), so I decided on the Moby. LOVE IT!!! Super easy to use also.

I started crocheting a pair of wool longie pants for Connor. Why? Because it was killing me not to. And crocheting goes really quickly. I first attempted to knit them, but after ripping them apart for the 4th time, I gave up and picked up a hook. I am using Lion Brand "Wool Ease" yarns and no specific pattern. Just increase / decrease as I feel like. This is the backside of the pants...not perfect, but it is a start. And yes, the stripes are supposed to be random like that.

I might have Connor wear them for a while on Saturday so that nobody pinches him for not wearing green.

The kite festival was cancelled because of weather, but has been rescheduled to April 14. We are so going!



Kendra said...

Happy belated birthday! I hit the big 3-0 last year and I'm with you - not a big deal. Some people complain about getting older...I'd much prefer that to the alternative!

The Moby Wrap looks great! I have an Over The Shoulder Baby Holder that I got when my first kiddo was 2 or worked great with her. With The Baby, I've had the worst time using it. She hates it! She much prefers the Snugli right now. I'll give the OTSBH another shot when she's bit older and can sit on my hip as opposed to having to be in the pouch. Maybe then she won't scream when she sees it...LOL!

Carol said...

Glad you had a good birthday. 30 is good - prime of your life!! Enjoy! I am so glad you like your litle fob :-)

~Kim~ said...

Happy Belated Birthday Missy! So glad that you are feeling normal! I think I took it the hardest when I turned 29, 30 was a piece of cake. :) Connor is getting SO Big already!!

Your longie pants are adorable! Love the colors you are stitching them in.


bevq said...

Happy HAPPY 30th! 30 is wonderful! Don't ever let anyone tell you any age is 'traumatic' or awful.

I am 48 and I am here to tell you life just gets better and better. Have I had more trials? Yes, I have, but those trials just make me stronger and wiser.

Your baby is so beautiful! I just want to pick him up and hug him. Babies have that wonderful 'baby smell' to them too, that brings Heaven a little closer to this earth. Enjoy him. Love him, drop everything to have fun with him.

I am a mom to 5. We have 3 grown sons and 2 daughters (26, 24, 20, 16, and 12) and a beautiful daughter in law who I love like one of my own, and soon to be another daughter in law (in May--and I can't wait to meet her!)

I was one of those progressive, earthy type moms way back-- I used homeopathics, still do, carried my babies in a sling, nursed till they weaned (my youngest still remembers that feeling of being that close and loved and nursed.) and I am now looking forward to being a 'progressive' grandma one of these days. =) I love babies!

Thanks for linking to my blog too! And I LOVE those little crocheted pants! Not sure if you have been to my main website too with all the free patterns, but it is here if you want to come visit.


Heather said...

Hi Missy,

You look so content with the baby in the sling.

Just thought I'd let you know that a giftie will be on its way next week. I've just not been able to get anything stable enough to package it with and I would absolutely hate for anything to happen to it. I hope you like it when it arrives.

Anonymous said...

Cute baby and cute baby crocheting too!

I love that sling. I bought a ring sling for Riley but never managed to work out how to use it.

CHiloe said...

So you turned 30and you disappeared? I hope everything is ok over there ??? Let us know ;)