Sunday, August 05, 2007

Narrowing the "unofficial" list

I have in my hot little hands an unofficial listing of the places that may be available next year when we rotate. Am I totally insane not to jump at the chance to go to Hawaii or St. Thomas (USVI) for 3 years? I am tired of being hot, sweaty and on a rock in the middle of an ocean. For the love of Pete, I want to wear sweaters and mittens again! I want to teach Connor how to make a snow angel before he graduates. I really want to see my boonie dog (born and raised in Guam) high stepping in the snow the first time she steps outside to pee.

I am disappointed that Sturgeon Bay, WI and Massena, NY aren't on this unofficial list. And we are only looking at the list for DH's current rank. The list for the Chief cut is expected any freaking day now. But, we aren't getting our hopes up...he wrote a 21 on the test which is really awesome (21st out of 98-ish people), but then they take into consideration other things like time in service, time in current rank, etc. and he was bumped down to 51. He can't help it that he is ambitious and is taking the Chief exam after being in only 7 years, and current rank only 2 years. Stinks that it works against him. He is planning on taking the test again next year since advancing more than 50 is highly unlikely. They did 30-something last year.

Anyhoo...we poured over the list tonight, crossing off places that I wouldn't go to (Miami, Los Angeles, Staten Island, etc.) and places that he didn't think he would enjoy working at, and this is what is left:

Juneau, AK

Ketchikan, AK

Cape Cod, MA

Charleston, SC

Savannah, GA

Paducah, KY

Duluth, MN

Portland, OR

The main things that we are taking into consideration are the cost of living, the housing market and DH's commute. If anyone has any insight on these locations, please feel free to comment or drop me a line.


This weekend was pretty relaxing. We went to the beach today. DH snorkeled and looked for slingstones. Didn't find any. Did see another blue starfish. Connor made friends with 3 very inquisitve girls. "Who picked out his name?" "He has brown eyes, is his Daddy Chamorro?" "Does he have his Mommy's last name or his Daddy's?" "So, is he 100% American?" The one that really made me laugh was, "Where is he going to go to school?" The kid is only 6 months old...we have a while for that. They were cute girls though.

On Saturday, we did more Beautifying of the CNMI. Actually, I kept Connor occupied and Jim did the beautifying. You can see a babelicious photo of the group on Angelo's blog. I highly recommend clicking on the photo to enlarge it and check out my son. He is looking kinda odd. Actually, we are all looking kinda odd in that photo.

I am such a dork, when we got in the car to go home, I said to DH, "So where was this Latte Stone that we were cleaning up around?" He of course gave me the seriously? look. You know the one with the raised eyebrows and the head cocked to one side. He then answered, "Right where we took the picture in the jungle." To which I replied, "Oh", ever so softly.

There are pictures on Cinta's blog from the other time that we did some beautifying...lots of fun family shots. I love them all, except for the one of Connor in the Moby all crooked and wonky. Cinta is such a kind hearted person, I am glad to have finally met her.


A final though (said without any Jerry Springer-ish tone)...when you think you are having a bad hair day, be glad that you aren't our dog, Lady.

DH decided that she was hot, so he cut her hair. The good thing is that she doesn't shed as much.



Vonna said...

Kentucky is a wonderfully green, downhome place to live...I've never lived there, but I've always lived in Indiana and for the first 25 years of my life I lived just 30 miles from the IN/KY border. Lovely people. But the list of places all look lovely :) However I'm a midwest girl at heart!

Kendra said...

I sent you an e-mail about Paducah, KY. That would be my choice on the list, but I'm quite biased, seeing as how a good portion of my immediate and extended family lives in and around Paducah. :-)

Lady's haircut is...choppy...LOL! I bet she does feel better, though. My sister's cats always liked having their yearly summer shaving done.

Jenn said...

The only spot I can help you with any info on is the St. Thomas. Actually it's my mom who could answer any questions you might have. If your interested let me know. Cape Cod would be cool...Saying that cause you'd be close to me (kind of) *grin*

Carol said...

Ooo, I vote for Cape Cod! I could come down and see you then!!! Good job shaving the pooch - a lot of pet owners won't do that, but it really helps the dog! Yay!!

KaLu said...

you're back!!!!
I lve the pictures of Connor, LOL I got sorta lost jumping from blog to blog I just kept on reading lol until it didnt make any sense

I dont know any of the places but I vote for Cape Cod just becoz I've always been ammused with MS if I could I would move there :)
to be honest I would move anywhere that doesnt reach 120 in summer

Tamie said...

I hate to say I just got back from Charleston and was going to email you about that place! OMG~ so cool and the history is so rich! BUT the humidity is unacceptable however the upside is the natural look is in...very cultured South.
You have a lot of nice spots to ponder! Good luck---- xo T

Melissa said...

Well, since I'm a Georgia girl, I have to vote for Savannah. It is amazingly beautiful and not right on the coast, but only a few minutes drive. Nearby Tybee Island is gorgeous as well...

Anonymous said...

If your looking for extreme cold then Alaska would be the place. My brother lived in Ketchikan, Alaska for awhile. He is now in Hawaii as well as my sister. I think you have some great choices to choose from though. You guys are so cute as a family.

Anonymous said...

Duluth MN is beautiful; I bet you would love it. I spent 4 years there and would go back in a heartbeat. It does get quite cold in the winter and there is plenty of snow. The people are happy, the economy is good, there are wonderful parks, lots of trees, and the huge lake, of course. Cost of living is very reasonable. Hope that helps.

Singular Stitches said...
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Singular Stitches said...

Because you asked! :o)

Don't know much about Alaska.

Cape Cod would probably be very expensive. Awesome foliage in the fall and excellent sea food!

Charleston SC - Nice, I don't think they get much (if any) snow (haven't hurricanes hit the Carolinas often in recent years) but the cost of living isn't too bad

Savannah, GA - Hot and humid

Paducah, KY - Getting a little further north, but I don't think they get all that much snow. I think they might be more prone to ice storms. I think their cost of living is pretty good.

Duluth, MN - You should see some snow there.

Portland, OR - The great northwest sounds wonderful! I'm not sure how all areas fare, but I think the northwest is prone to wildfires. I think they're cost of living is a little on the high side but not terrible.

Hope this helps! You might want to look at the National Weather Service site for climate info and CNN for a salary calculator to compare the cost of living.

If money were no object, my personal choice would be Cape Cod, MA, but otherwise, Duluth, MN or Paducah, KY.

BoReGo said...

Good luck on yoour move. I just finished Thousand Suns and read Kite Runner right away. Any ideas?

SrgtQuadroPhreak said...

Haha. I love the picture of the dog....Makes me laugh, the way you put the caption.

Peace, and keep hugging trees,

summer said...

they don't get wildfires in portland. my shift keys are broken, sorry. anyway, i love the pac nw, but the cost of housing is getting higher and higher every year. not just here, but up in ak as well. just food for thought. you can search the mls for prices.