Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Bye for now

Well, this will be my last post for a while. At least until next week. I am going to go through blog withdrawl for sure! They come to pack us up tomorrow...I am so ready for this move to be done. Today we ran errands and drove all over the island. All we have been doing since we got home was get stuff ready. Stupid stuff...pulling things out of drawers, putting silverware in bags, putting lotion, shampoo etc into ziplocs. Cleaning out garbage cans, packing our travel bags since we will be living in a hotel for a while. Sick of it.

This is my update of CEF with the new stand. The new stand that I just disassembled and hope to remember how to assemble it. I am sure that I will be fine...the first time is always tricky. I will not be working on CEF while gone. I have her packed away safely. The main reason is that I cannot always control the dirt factor and since she is done with overdyeds...she cannot be washed. I have some small projects kitted up along with my STO April Ornament for the SAL.

Mom emailed me today to let me know that she had to put our dog to sleep. :( I knew that the time was coming, and I really tried to prepare myself to never see her again when we left in May 2005. But I never imagined how I would feel knowing that she was truly gone. I cried and cried tonight. I sent my Mom the Rainbow Bridge poem. Little Red was a very obedient, caring and loyal dog. She didn't always have the most stable life but she was loved. I remember when Mom got her...she was supposed to be a Christmas present for me. Nevermind that Mom lived in a different state than I did and didn't clear it with my Grandparents (with whom I lived). Little Red was so small she could fit in one of my hands. Then she got Parvo. Mom spent a fortune making her well for me. I told DH tonight that I was going to have to have a cheeseburger happy meal minus the pickles in Red's memory. She would always spit out the pickles if we forgot to have them hold them. This picture is from Christmas 2004 when we went home on a suprise visit.

RIP Little Red Dog 11/93 to 3/21/06
The best dog friend a girl could wish for. You will be missed.


Jenn said...

I hope your move goes smoothly. I'll miss reading your blog while your gone so hurry back! :)

CEF is coming along nicely. I'm working on the EF so I should have a new scan of her soon.

I'm sorry to hear about Little Red.

~Kim~ said...

Sorry to hear about the lose of your Little Red >Hugs<

I will miss you while you are enjoying yourself by the pool, and stitching. Enjoy yourself as you have your bed made everyday, by someone else!

Talk with you when you return to computer life .. :) Cant wait to see your finishes.