Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Meant to add:

Forgot to comment on my comments on the last post. Guess it is just because I am so frustrated with Blogger. And I really want to post pictures of our wedding. It was so pretty.

Jenn & Kim- I am leaning more towards the stitcher's heart one by bleu de chine now...that way I would think of the generosity of stitchers when I looked at it all stitched up and pretty. I would make it into a pillow like the photo shows. I was thinking last night that I would sew it into a tube shape with some pretty coordinating fabric lining it on the inside and then just have ribbons on the ends to tie it closed. And just have a standard pillow form that I can use to interchange with others once I get my collection going, lol!

I have decided that not working this week is going to be stressful! I have a million things to do before our packout and move at the end of the week....wonder how it will all get accomplished. Guess that is what lists are for!

You can both come help me if you want to. I promise to make margaritas or daiquiris every night and we can sit on the patio and watch the palm trees sway and the golfers drive by. :) Gotta get rid of the alcohol in the house since we can't ship it with us and I haven't been in a drinking mood for a long time. *sigh*

Kim- I hope that your ebay package arrives today or tomorrow...should be any day now. I think that DH said that he sent it Priority Mail. PLMK :) And enjoy!

Hopefully I will get a picture of the new Gazelle today and if blogger cooperates....


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~Kim~ said...

Sorry to hear about your blogger troubles. I had the same problems with uploading the pictures to my blog the other day.. so frustrating!

I received the ebay win today! YOU ARE TOO GENEROUS! Thank you for the wonderful package, the patterns, aida, the freebie, and the WDW You are TOO KIND! Thanks for all you do!

Good luck with the packing and the moving! Wish I was there to help, but I dont know how much help I would be, since I would be watching those golfers, umm palm trees, yeah those trees.. LOL. Would love to be there, so I didnt have to deal with the snow... yet!