Friday, September 15, 2006

Bookworm checking in!

Did I mention that we have turned our cable tv off? The day we left for Australia it was disconnected. Man, life without tv is a bit strange. We don't get any local channels, well, because there aren't any. The cable tv is a feed from California and it is 3 weeks behind the mainland. I think that they must ship over VHS tapes via USPS mail or something for it to be 3 weeks behind. So, we decided that we were sick of it. Not to mention that sometimes they don't show what they are supposed to (probably because a VHS tape got lost in the mail) so they show a re-run or something else. It got old. So now we save $50 a month on that.

Our DVD collection is growing slowly so maybe we aren't saving that $5o like I originally planned. :)

When you don't have tv to watch, you get alot more accomplished. Like reading.

We got back from our trip last Monday (9-4) and I have read 6 books and am on my 7th. I was a little concerned that I would run out of books soon, but I counted the ones on our bookshelf and we have over 300. But half of them are DH's and focus on hiking, the theory of evolution, etc. so I don't think that I will be reading those. I do think that Mr. Darwin was brilliant and I can see where his theories can be applied to some situations, but I have my own beliefs. That still leaves at least 100 books that are mine. Plus we have a library here that is pretty decent, considering.

Here is what I have read so far this past week:

  • Finished up "Snow Falling on Cedars" by Dave Guterson. This one was kind of slow for me. I really had to work to stick with it. The end turned out like I wanted it to. The writing was very detailed and made me feel like I could see the landscape and the settings. The characters just weren't that great. I would like to see the movie now.

  • "The Quilter's Apprentice" by Jennifer Chiaverini. This was a fun, 24 hour read. Made me wish that I had my own quilting teacher (ahem, Kim) to show me the ropes. My brain really didn't have to work hard with this one. I wouldn't mind getting the others in the series., here I come!

  • "Rural Renaissance" by John Ivanko & Lisa Kivirist. This is published by Mother Earth News and is written by the owners of a B&B near Monroe, WI (about 45 mintues from where we are from). They have commmited themselves, their family and their business to protecting the Earth in all that they do. Very informative book about ways to incorporate being "green" in your lifestyle even if you aren't ready to put up the solar panels, the wind turbine and ripping out the sod in your yard and planting native plants. They have alot of ideas that I would like to incorporate into our lives once we get back into the States, buy our house, and start our business. Some of the things that they discuss are things that we already do. I do admit though, I will start using their "7th Generation" mantra as well. Basically it is making decisions that are the best and knowing what effect it will have down the line to the 7th generation. Based on an old Indian saying. Many people go through this life only thinking of the first generation, themselves.

  • "So That's What They're For!" by Janet Tamaro. A book about breastfeeding. I would recommend to a woman that is considering breast feeding and doesn't know much about it. Especially since, like the author points out, our society in America is trained to think that breastfeeding is a freakshow. It is a natural experience and instinct that women have un-learned over the years. I know that I grew up in a family with 5 aunts and 4 of them had children, granted one of the 4 had her child 5 years before I was born so that doesn't count. I never saw any of them breast feed. People learn by watching and by experience. Enough said.

  • "Buster Midnight's Cafe" by Sandra Dallas. This was a cute book. Took me more than 24 hours. I love the characters, Effa Commander and Whippy Bird. Not to mention the tortured May Anna. I felt like I was part of their circle and they really set the record straight. I would recommend this one.

  • "Little Altars Everywhere" by Rebecca Wells. This is the first book in they Ya-Ya's set. We watched the movie again this weekend for the eleventy thousandth time and I though as we were watching that I wanted to re-read this book series just to see how close the movie is to the originals. The movie does take some liberties and combines many aspects but we can't have everything. I love this author and these characters. Even more so after living along the Bayou in South Lousiana for 2 years. I appreciate the characters so much.

  • "Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" by Rebecca Wells. The second book in the series. I am almost half way done with it. Again, a re-read.

After that, I am going to finish off the set with "Ya-Ya's in Bloom", a gift from my DH a couple of years ago. Another re-read. Then I am moving on to unchartered waters. The beheamoth of "The Chronicles of Narnia" is calling my name. It may be an epic journey for me since it has like 5,000 pages or something. DH read it as a kid and was surprised that I hadn't. Never read the "Hobbit" series either. Sorry.


Thanks everyone for the messages! I really have missed my blogging friends and seeing your gorgeous works of art. Truly inspiring.

Heather - you can be sure that I will be getting in touch with you. You made my day yesterday!

I tried today to leave a comment for Jo & Carolyn but I couldn't. Maybe it is because of the beta blogger thing. Anyway, here is what I wanted to say:

Jo I just love love love pictures of Miss Emma. She is so adorable, she makes me want to get another puppers, only just like her. And the bag is coming along so nicely. The colors are fabulous! Do you use circular needles or dpn's on something like that?

Carolyn Your second set of letters looks great! I am working on finishing up mine this weekend and then starting on E & F. I really like your template as well. Is that one from beta or is it one that you got from a free site? Looks good.

I was thinking of switching over to beta, but I want to wait until some more of the bugs are worked out.

I am going to publish this now since who knows how long this P.O.S. computer will cooperate. Yesterday it froze up on me a couple of times and I had to re-start it and it took almost a half hour each time to start. Makes me miss our old whizzer 'puter.

Next time maybe I will tell y'all about the Australian bra shopping adventure that I had. If I'd only known.




Heather said...

Ah the joys of breastfeeding, I did it and I think that's why we've got such a strong bond between us.

A lot of books you've read too. I have been reading a fair bit too just recently.

Take care :)

Jenn said...

Let me know if you run out of books. LOL :) I've got a few more I can send to you.

I've also been reading lately but, not in like the last week. So you just reminde me that I need to dig out a Nora Roberts trilogy that has been calling to me that I want to read.

Angelo said...

The Chronicles of Narnia aren't that long. Each one is only a hundred pages or so. You could probably blow through all seven books in a day if you were really dedicated.

As for the TV, if there is a show that you really like watching you can just download it for free off of limewire. Just go to and download the software. People record the shows on their digital cable and post them on the Internet for the world to watch.

~Kim~ said...

Looks like you have been busy reading! Nothing like a good book when you got the time!