Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oh no she didn't!!!

As I was talking to my Mom on the phone today, I heard a car stop in front of our house. We don't have a lot of traffic and live on a dead end gravel road. The usual noises that we hear are the chickens that roam free (who do they belong to anyway and how do you know which one is yours?), and an occasional cow in the distance. Oh yeah, and the yapping dog behind us that likes to take a dump in our yard. He's lucky he's quick.

Of course, I had to check because the car was a little noisy. It was a nicer car...maybe a Nissan. But it had one of those exhaust pipes about as big as a soup can on it. As I was looking to see what was going on, I saw the driver (female) reach into the backseat, unstrap the baby from it's carseat in the back, haul the baby to the front and proceed to stand the baby on her lap with the baby's hands on the steering wheel and drive away. I assume that the baby was about 18-20 months old.

I realize that we live on a dead end road (one lane btw) and there isn't much much traffic or risk of accident.

But that is just wrong. I was so mad I stood there with my mouth open and Mom chatting away. They make rules for a reason, people!


In about 26 hours I will be the happiest girl on Saipan. You just wait and see!


I like to visit some of the pregnancy message boards, just to see what is going on with others that are in the same boat and compare what I am feeling/thinking with what they post. I don't post to these boards, I am more of a lurker.

Today was "Friday Confessions" (since most of the posters are back Stateside). You wouldn't believe what these women were fessing up to! And without any self restraint. Some of the posts included:

*"I am so sick of being pregnant"...not me honey, I am loving it (said without sarcasm)!

*"I haven't taken my prenatal vitamin in weeks"...I remember mine every night. I've been taking them since November so I should remember by now.

*"We haven't had sex this whole pregnancy and I don't feel badly"...ummm, a little TMI, but thanks for sharing!

*"Is it wrong that I am more upset about breaking my B.O.B. than not talking to my DH for the past 3 days?"...again with the TMI, ladies! I don't want to know about your B.O.B. habits. (I only recently learned what B.O.B. stood for from a dear friend that was telling me about an acquaintance, ask your friends. If your friends don't know, ask me and I will tell you.)

*"I am not drinking enough water...I have probably only drank one bottle this whole pregnancy."...seriously? What are you drinking? I know I don't drink enough water, but I do probaby drink at least 4 or 5 glasses a day along with my chocolate milk, glass of orange juice and copious amounts of the forbidden fruit...sweet tea with lemon.

I could go on, but these were the ones that stuck out.

I have been working on a quilt top for the past few days. I really need to remember the importance of maintaining seam allowances that are the same with EVERY seam. Arrrgh. If I could trust this P.O.S. computer, I would post a picture. Just gives you something to look forward to.


Since I won't bore you with my Australian Bra shopping adventures (let's just say that I didn't realize that bra sizes aren't the same on every continent). I will tell you another funny story. Thank goodness for the lady at the Myer Department Store is all I will say about that.

We flew from Saipan to Guam, had a layover in Guam and then boarded a Continental flight to Cairns. Let me just gush about how much I love love love Continental. We were upgraded to Business Class. Now I hate flying, but there is something to be said about flying First Class! Makes it a whole lot easier. No big deal for DH, he is used to First Class. Mr. Big OnePass Elite superstar.

Towards the end of the trip, we get our customs forms from the friendly flight staff that called us (and everyone else in business class) by our names. On it, you have to *ahem...should* declare items being brought in. Well, before we left, DH made a half gallon of trail mix with sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, peanuts and raisins. We also packed a few packets of instant hot chocolate, microwave popcorn and an unopened bag of sunflower seeds. So I told him that we should check the box saying that we were bringing food into the country. He did and we were stopped by customs. We had to turn over the said food items to the inspector and he looked up each thing on his computer to see if they could be allowed in. Wouldn't you know that we ended up having the unopenend bag of sunflower seeds, the trail mix ("I don't think that either of you want to stand here and pick out the sunflower seeds"), and the microwave popcorn CONFISCATED!!!

So let this be a PSA to people traveling to Australia:
DO NOT bring sunflower seeds or microwave popcorn with you!

We just wanted to eat the stuff while out and about, not intending to plant sunflower or microwave popcorn plants throughout the Australian countryside. I know, microwave popcorn doesn't grow like that but it is a funny visual.

I know DH was peeved at giving up the trail mix, but I think that I was more heartbroken about the microwave popcorn. At least they didn't mess with the hot chocolate! Rat bastards.




K in Kentucky said...

Yes, pregnancy message boards can be quite interesting! I'm currently pregnant with our 2nd child (due in early November) and I've found that I'm not as involved with online expecting clubs/playgroups this time around. While some of those groups are great, I've noticed there is a lot of attitude and cattiness amongst posters.
I'll readily admit that I'm tired of being pregnant and ready to get my body back to normal. I've had *lots* of problems this time around - all-day morning sickness for 3-4 months, heart issues, dizzy/fainting spells, and plenty more. That tends to make pregnancy a not-so-great experience! LOL!

Pam said...

Welcome back! Your trip to Australia sounds wonderful. Well, except for your food being taken away LOL. I've always wanted to visit there, maybe someday.

I have to say that I agree with you on the child not being in a car seat, that is one of my biggest pet peeves, why are people so careless with their children's lives? It's beyond me.

Interested to see why you are going to be the happiest girl in Saipan!

~Kim~ said...

Are you sure that wasnt Britney Spears driving!?!? I swear, why cant ppl just pull over and console their child, rather than put them in harms way.. Oh well! Hope they learn their lesson in this.
BTW, how is your Mom doing?!?!
26 hours, well Im sure its either happened now... or ...
Its amazing what other will tell on the internet, describing things that should be private and talked about with a dr or spouse/bf/other
Sorry about the seam allowance, yes it can be a pain, but its very important or your pieces wont match up when you piece it all together.
Ok, when you said "bra" I guess I was thinking something else.. LOL But having those items confiscated after the flight can be a bummer, atleast you had the chance to enjoy them. :)


Melissa said...

I'm dying here thinking of microwave popcorn plants! Too funny.