Thursday, February 15, 2007

How he really feels...

Yeah, this would be my son, letting us know how he really feels about Valentine's Day:

He does that all of the time.

The big red dog (aka Clifford) is the original Valentine's red dog gift from DH in 2003. I did get a stuffed dog yesterday, it is brown with red spots. He was pretty tricky and put it on the driver's seat so that when I got in the car yesterday, I would see it. Clever he is.


P.S. Kendra- The diaper in the post 2 posts ago is an "All In One" or "AIO"...they are just like disposables, but cloth. Really convenient and they don't usually leak unless you have a supersoaker or a serious blowout. I got it off of Ebay, it was made by a WAHM. There are tons of styles and kinds out there, I would be happy to help you if you are interested in them! : ) I love how super soft it is kinda fuzzy.


Kendra said...

Oooh, an AIO - the Cadillacs of cloth diapers! LOL!

I have about a gazillion CPF's and ProRaps...I so do not need to add to my cloth stash. Especially since it appears that The Baby doesn't tolerate them like The Tot did. :-( Bummer.

But at least I can say that I did use cloth for over 2½ years with one of my kiddos...every little bit helps. She may hate the cloth diapers, but at least I can still use my cloth wipes!

Connor sure is a cutie. Babies are so sweet at this stage, huh? :-)

Carol said...

Awwww.... :-)

Lisa said...

Has he discovered his hands move yet? That and when babies discover their feet are some of the cutest moments.

~Kim~ said...

Well Mom and Dad have taught him well of Love and Valentines.. LOL Such a cute picture. A pic of Clifford with Connor - just think Clifford was in the planning stages of the kid..;) He He


Heather said...

Ah yes the finger, mine did that every time my MIL turned up LOL

He's a cutie.

Anonymous said...

Aww Cute!

Baby Treehugger is adorable :o) He's getting big already! Don't they grow fast. I can't believe my little one is 6 months old tomorrow!

Those nappies are lovely. I know I should but I'm a wimp ... well, it's more to do with getting them dry really.