Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am weird

Kim recently tagged me...6 Weird Things About Me:

  1. I LOVE to do laundry. Seriously. I especially love to fold sheets. DH taught me how to properly fold a fitted sheet so that they are uniform every time. Who needs Martha when you have Jim?

  2. I could eat homemade popcorn every day. And peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Yum!

  3. I have to rotate things in the house. I am a fanatic about it. Almost OCD about it. From sheets to dishes to glasses to shampoos to towels. Otherwise you end up using the same 2 cups and plates all of the time. Most recently used things go on bottom or in the back. And when you have 6 sets of sheets, you need to use them all.

  4. Speaking of sheets, I have a "Monday routine" that I do and if I can't get to it (like this week) on Monday, I obsess about it. What is the "Monday routine"? Strip the sheets on the beds and wash them, replace them with a fresh set from rotation and also replace all towels and washcloths/dishcloths that are out with fresh ones. I do replace linens as necessary during the week, but Monday is the day.

  5. If I am going to cook or bake, I have to clean the kitchen beforehand. Not seriously clean, but clean off the counters and do the dishes and wipe the stove. I can't cook in a dirty kitchen. Ick.

  6. Most of the time when I am driving, I have the radio off. I have a thing with turning the radio off before I turn off the car and I usually forget to turn it back on when I get back into the car. But, if the radio is on, chances are that I will sing along to the song that is on. Cause I just hafta.
Yeah, I am weird. I could go on and on. I won't get into the foods that we eat besides #2 above. Cabbage, black beans & rice is a perfectly normal dinner at our house. That's all I'm saying. (shush it, Staci)


Happy Valentines Day to everyone who observes this Hallmark Holiday. We don't really do anything special for each other. DH usually buys me a stuffed red dog, but I think that there might be a stuffed red dog shortage on island, so I am not counting on one this year.

I just don't see why you have to go all out on ONE specific day to express your undying devotion and deplete your wallet. If you love someone, you should do something small everyday to let them know that they are loved. Even if it is just refilling their glass of ice water without being asked to.


The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show is today. I want to know where the Boonie Dog breed category is...? I always root for any of the Terrier breeds because I love them all. But, if there were a Boonie Dog category, then Lady would be the superstar...



Jenn said...

Can I borrow Jim for an hour so he can teach me how to fold a fitted sheet? I'd rather burn them after each use and start with a new set so i don't have to fold them. LOL

Lana said...

I'm with Jenn! Bring on the torches! stupid fitted sheets-plech! Nah, for reals, I just wanted to say I love that picture of Lady...So cute, she'd win hands down!

Heather said...

Hmm must find money to get Missy's DH here to teach me how to fold fitted sheets. I tend to get annoyed with them, it's not easy on your own.

Your dog is beautiful, I'm not really a doggy person, but she's lovely.

I had to laugh at your cats comment, mine felt like that too - even more now that she torments them!!!!