Saturday, February 24, 2007

Taxes on my mind

I can't stop thinking about taxes this week. A couple of reasons, really.

Could it be because my former employers (a Psychiatrist and Dermatologist husband & wife practice) failed to report a couple of million dollars in earned income for the practice and he is being indicted on Tuesday? I about fell over when I read that they only reported income for the practice in 2002 as $71,680 when it was really over $600,000. Story here.

Seriously, it wasn't uncommon for us to see 60-80 clients a day in the Dermatology office. Yeah, we worked 12 hours a day most days. Lots of 5 & 10 minute appointments. Plus all of the cosmetic stuff that we did; Botox, Sclerotherapy (spider vein removal via injections), Microdermabrasions, Peels, etc. That stuff isn't cheap.

I now shake my head at my naivete back then when I accepted the stupid story of how they were so broke and could only give annual raises of 15 CENTS. And to think that I felt badly for them.

Wonder what will happen to his practice in Beirut if he has to go to jail in America?

Maybe I have taxes on the brain also because we are STILL waiting for our freaking return for 2005 from Guam. WTF is taking so long? DH called them last week and they said that they were still working on the 2004 taxes. There should be some kind of law against this. Or else we should be allowed to earn additional interest on our return since they haven't disbursed the money yet and still have it. I think that we will be lucky if we see the money before we move from Saipan in 2008. Good thing that we didn't have specific plans for it.

I am still waiting on my W-2 from my old job in Guam...I called last week and the office manager said that they were mailed on 1-31 via USPS certified mail. Sometimes I think that our mail gets thrown on a raft and floats here it takes so long to get to us.


For a happy thought of the day, here is a new-ish picture of Connor. Hard to believe that he was 6 weeks old on Thursday. I already have been thinking hard about when to start trying for #2. For anyone who cares to comment, how much time do you think is a good amount between kids? I was thinking 2 years... but then again there is the possibility that we will be stationed somewhere remote during our next tour....Alaska or St. Thomas come to mind. I kinda wanted to be closer to family for the next one.

Anyway, here he is...the love of my life...all freshly bathed:

Happy Birthday, Jenn!!!



Jenn said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Missy! that is the cutest picture i've ever seen!

Deece said...

Wow, the 6 week mark. It's so much fun to watch your baby grow. One day they're infants and BAM, the next they're crawling, then walking, and talking. It's great! I'm so excited for my 2nd.

My midwife said it's best for your body if you space two years between kids. Katelyn and the little one will be 23 months apart. And we are so excited. Seeing her at this point in her development seems to be a perfect time to bring another one into the family.

My sister's kids are all 4 years apart. They get along, but the age gap is very apparent.

Very cute picture.

Wendy said...

Connor is so cute in that picture!

I think how far apart you space your kids is entirely dependent on you. What works for some may not be right for others. And there are so many other factors that come into play. When you're ready for #2, you'll know.

~Kim~ said...

Oh Connor is soooo cute!! Love it! As far as having the next one.. I would suggest 2 yrs like you said. My sister has 2 within two yrs apart, and she at times has her hands full! God Bless my Mom as she had 3 under the age of 3!

Does it help to share that I already got my tax refund back for the year?!?! Sorry!


Rowyn said...

Awwwww... soooo cute! Great photo.

Chiloe said...


Your baby is sooooo cute !!! For the age difference, I will say taht 2 years is great for the kids but you still have 2 in diapers (in most cases) and 3 years apart work better for the mom. My 2 eldest have 3 years and they still get along very well, play a lot together and love each others very much. There is a greater age difference with their baby brother but he was our spring surprise almost 2 years ago !!! They still love each others very much despite the difference !!!

I hope you will get your tax return very soon. You ex boss story is incredible...........