Friday, June 15, 2007

She lives up to her name

This is Killer Lily....and her tail-less lizard. I have a feeling that the tail is in her belly. Poor thing was a scrawny little lizard. She really isn't as evil as she appears.



Anonymous said...

Aww she's lovely. Poor lizard though but it is natural eh.

Love the name you've given her tho lol

Carol said...

Oh my,my Lily!!!

Julie said...

Good Job Lily! My cats are lucky to get a june bug every once and a while.

Melissa said...

My two kitties stalked and brutally ate a HUGE Gecko the other day... they must have stalked it all night, since I heard them chittering at it all stinking night while I was trying to sleep. But mine must not like the tail- it was left for me the next morning on the kitchen floor!

But, I always praise them for leaving me presents, since apparently it means that they are trying to "earn their keep" so to speak. So, consider it a compliment, albeit a gross one!