Monday, June 18, 2007

So much to say

I can't stop with the cute baby pictures...
He is too cute for words.
When I pause for a minute while doing dishes and look out my kitchen window, this is my view...

If you look to the far left, you will see a tree that looks like a flame tree, but it is yellow. So vibrant.

Part of our back patio has become a plant hospital. I was digging around in the compost bin and look at the surprise that awaited me:

I had forgotten all about the Rota pineapple that we ate a few months ago. It is now in its own pot with a special spot in the sunlight.
We went to a barbecue down at the Ranch for Father's Day on Sunday and look at the neat caterpillar we found:

We are yet again without water in our tank. I finally had it and called CUC today. We pay them a flat fee every month for water, and today I basically learned that it is for nothing. Our water comes from a reservoir (and rain catchment off our roof) and when the water level gets high enough in the reservoir, then the pump turns on, sending water to the residents. If the water level doesn't get high enough, we are SOL. Yeah, made my day. The kind lady at CUC told me that if it was a hardship to call my Mayor. Why should I have to involve the Mayor? It isn't his problem. And it isn't a financial hardship per se, it is just another one of those things that makes me really miss home. Sorry Saipan, but today your CUC is at the top of my list of reasons why I dislike it here. Guess we will be calling the water company to deliver water AGAIN. More money out of our pocket. I am so tempted to write a letter to someone, anyone about this and how frustrating it is, but I am sure that it would go in the round filing cabinet.
Rant over.


The Chicken Lady said...

Hi Missy, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm happy, cuz I could pop over and look at yours! :) Your son is beautiful. I have a 16 yr old daughter born Jan 21. :) January is a good month! :)
I think Saipan was one place we COULD HAVE gone to. We were penciled in for Japan before we came here. My husband threatened to retire, so the detailer changed our orders to Sturgeon Bay. It's ok here, but I'm from the West Coast and miss it terribly. I see you're from IL, did your parents get some of the storm we had yesterday? Wow! I'm on my way to post pics on my blog.
I will be praying for your mom. I know how it is to be far away and have someone you love be so sick....been there, done that. I'll be praying for you guys too, for strength, peace and a transfer to SB next summer! :)

KaLu said...

wow! he is getting so big!!!! and cute! Alondra is growing alot to, i think they're gonna make me put her on a diet lol
the nurse told me she's 5 months she is not a baby anymore! that broke my heart lol
i have her last pics here
that was before i lost my camera *sniffs*

The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ said...

Write a letter. What do you have to lose?

Here, I'll help:

"Today I found out that I've been paying CUC for water for X months and they have yet to deliver a drop. Bastards."

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about your water troubles. What a cute pictures. He's truning into such a cutie! :)

Michelle said...

Such sweet baby pics! I love your yellow tree too - beautiful!

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear about the water troubles. I really do take our fresh clean, abundant, drinking water for granted :-(

~Kim~ said...

Love the pictures. So sorry to hear about the water issue!! I feel your pain as we had water problems earlier this month - and was sooooo nice to take a shower rather than taking one from a bucket!!