Thursday, June 21, 2007

Time to eat!

So, that is where the turtles are going.

Mmm, Ube ice cream! Me likey... I think.

DH picked a bunch of Tangerines while we were down at the Ranch last weekend. This is almost 3/4 of a grocery bag, all peeled:

Mmm, fresh Tangerine juice. A bit tart, but refreshing.

Crankypants asked her readers to show their knitting "gear". I am new to knitting and don't have much "gear", so I will show the needle roll that I made last year. I filled it up the rest of the way with knitting needles while we were at home in March/April. I haven't bought a single knitting needle. Mom bought tons of them off of Ebay, she has them in a really looks kinda cool.

I want to make one for Mom, I have to go through my stash and find 2 coordinating fabrics that she would enjoy though.



Nicole said...

What a doll! I have that same carseat and stroller. Although my chunky monkey has pretty much outgrown it. Love your knitting needle holder! :)

Vonna said...

Your baby is so cute :) His eyes are gorgeous :)

Jenn said...

I'd been wondering why I'd not seen any turtles lately. :P He's getting so big!

Kendra said...

Ice cream is popular with my baby too...anytime she sees anyone eating ice cream, she expects a bite! :-)

Love the Kool-Aid Man pitcher...reminds me of being a kid and drinking Kool-Aid all the time.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Love the photos, keep them coming, and your needle roll is such a great idea. It has been eons since I have done any knitting, goodness knows where my needles are!!!!


Tanya said...

My little Zack will be 5 months on July 1st ~ maybe he'd like ice cream too soon! Nice blog you have :)

~Kim~ said...

Oh Connor is getting so BIG!! Is he sitting up yet?!

Love your knitting needle roll, what a clever idea!!