Monday, October 15, 2007

THE List!!!

So, the list is out for our rotation next year. Did I mention that DH has decided to help ease the burden of moving with a one week trip to Hawaii on our way to our new home? Since it is on the way and all...

Anyway, on to the good stuff. The list is out and as I told DH, I am pretty underwhelmed at this point. No Sturgeon Bay, no Paducah, no Massena...bleh. I have a pretty good idea of what my ranking is, I am just wondering what your thoughts are. What would be your top 3 choices? Don't take into consideration the cost of living (certainly can't be higher than Saipan, where we are now with our $10 gallons of milk) or the housing market, since we get a Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). And we do intend to buy. If it is a big city, we would live outside of the city in a suburb or some such. Here ya go...

Houma, LA (we lived here before, I would go back)
Huntington, WV
Cincinnatti, OH
Portsmouth, NH
Wilmington, NC
Portland, OR
Ketchikan, AK
Buffalo, NY
Seattle, WA

I have already ixnay-ed St. Thomas, USVI and Kodiak, AK since I have had enough island living for a while.

The really crummy thing is this: Our friends in Cape May, NJ have a higher priority than us since he is a Company Commander(boot camp). DH & I have been talking and we really wanted to put Portsmouth, NH as our #1 choice, but it seems that our friends are putting that as their top choice as well. So, we get screwed out of it. Really bites.



Anonymous said...

I dont understand it all. I didn't know you got a choice of where you could go. I thought you just got kind of stationed somewhere and that was that. So if you are higher up you get more points and more choices on where you can live? How long will you be there for?

Aussie Stitcher said...

Sorry I can't help you with your decision making just wish you well. What an awesome effort from the making strides walk team, well done everyone.

chiloe said...

I went to Seattle and really like being there. It's close to nature . Portland Oreagon seems a good choice too. I think you should choose a city with a great weather (always good for the spirit) and things to do around.

Let us know about your choices !!!

Anonymous said...


Since I'm from Ohio orignally (I live in Maryland now) Cincinnati or Huntington would be very close to my family and that would be great. But if that weren't a consideration I would pick Willington. I love that part of North Carolina.


Tamie said...

I love the NW but the amount of sunshine is LIMITED! Amazing from a nature standpoint tho. NC~ seems like one of the best options from a beauty and quality of life overall. We loved Charleston and I would move in a minute. Not sure if that makes a difference but you will make a home no matter where you end up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Think hurricanes... (especially if you are planning on buying a home)

Cross off Houma.
Cross off Wilmington.

Only go to Buffalo and Ketchikan if you REALLY REALLY like snow in the winter.

I would go back to your roots and settle down. Go back to midwest area... Cincinnati, or even WV even though it's not exactly "midwestern".

Just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

My top three choices would be:


Good luck and let us know what you decide!

Kendra said...

No Paducah...bummer.

My personal choices would be Cincinnati, Wilmington, Huntington. I tend to prefer the Midwest or the South - but not too far south, as in Houma...nothing against LA, but like someone else mentioned, there is that whole hurricane aspect. I suppose Wilmington would have that hurricane threat as well..

And like someone else said...take into consideration the snow. Buffalo gets a LOT of lake effect snow, and that gets real old, real quick. We dealt with lake effect when we lived in northern Indiana, and while we weren't in as direct a path as Buffalo, we got our fair share of it.

Cincinnati isn't IL's live in and around Cincinnati, so I'm kinda-sorta familiar with it. It's close enough to both Kentucky and Indiana (lower taxes!) that you could buy a house in the 'burbs in either state, but still be minutes away from Cincinnati proper.

Good luck with your decision!

bigsoxfan said...

Well, I was going to say Portsmouth, NH as that as where we are going and it would be nice to know someone there. My step-daughter lives near Wilmington and the climate is pleasant. Portland, Ore. is a fun city not sure about living around there, but my sisters journey up from San Diego for the beer festival every possible summer, so it must be a fun place to visit.
How is Conner? Our pumpkin is nearly two months older, still happy, teeth were slow coming in, but otherwise Saipan was good for him. Please stop by and check him out. Let's compare notes.

monique said...

NH would be my first choice, too. Failing that, I'd go for Cinn. OH :)

Melissa said...

I tend to agree with whoever posted about the snow in Buffalo. I have friends in Rochester fifty miles or so away and it seems like winter lasts forever. NH would be really cool. Portland is such a young town. From reading blogs it seems like a place that young families are migrating to.

Other than that, I loved living in Ohio. I was in Lima many years ago about three hours or so north of Cinci. I don't know much about WV but we have discussed moving there because the cost of living is much lower than NW Florida.

While I envy you moving to a new place I don't envy the decision making you have ahead of you. Is it possible both you and your friends could go to NH? And hey, Florida is all coast, practically. I was hoping you might be moving down my way.

Jenn said...

My picks would be OH, NH and then probably LA.

Good luck and I hope that maybe one of your first choices will come though one way or another.

Aunt Jackie said...

Cincinnati, OH
Huntington, WV
Wilmington, NC

Just MY top choices, but go with your heart. I agree with Aunt Tamie, "ou will make a home no matter where you end up".

Good luck and keep us posted.

Kimber said...

Hi there! I live in Huntington!! Just wanted to tell ya.

Anonymous said...

came across you blog while "blog hopping" :) and realized your husband is in the Coast Guard. My daughter left for the coast guard in February and is now stationed in Seattle Washington aboard the "Polar Sea"...My father was also in the Coast Guard back when we actually had a loran station here (where the PIC hotel now sits)..Not often that you meet Coast Guard people on Saipan anymore :) Good Luck with getting your pick of where to go next! ~tami