Thursday, October 11, 2007

More yarn love

Did I mention that I recieved my invite to Ravelry last week??? WOO HOO! I was on the waiting list for most of the summer. I *heart* Ravelry. You can see other people's projects, search for patterns (free & paid), search for yarns, search for projects by yarn types, etc. And it is for chicks with sticks (knitters) AND hookers (crocheters).

Get on the list, you will love it!

And to answer Monique's question:
I keep the yarn in the deep freezer because 1) We lack storage space like nobody's business. 2) It keeps it nice and clean and pet hair free 3) I need to use this brand new deep freezer for something since power supply here on island is iffy at times and I would hate to have a freezer full of food spoil.
No, it is not turned on. Plus, it makes a nice cutting surface for my giant rotary cutting mat.

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Michelle said...

Yay for Ravelry. I got my invite too, but haven't had a chance to go and peruse yet. Of course the only thing I've knitted is a garter stitch scarf, so I'll be looking more than contributing!