Thursday, August 03, 2006

August Already?

Where has this year gone? Jeepers, seems like yesterday that we were back in Guam on Christmas Day opening presents and eating shrimp.

I have to say Happy Belated Birthday to my cousin, Kelsey. Hard to believe that she is 11 already! (If I am doing my math correctly...I seem to recall Jackie being pg when I graduated)

Also a big birthday shout out to our dog, Lady. No, we don't know her technical birthday, but I decided that we would say her birthday was on August 1 every year since that is the day that we got to bring her home from the pound. I tricked her into thinking she got a treat on her birthday...I always give her heartworm preventative on the 1st of the month so I acted like it was a big deal and told her "not to share with her sisters (the cats)".

Happy Belated Birthday, Lady!
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We are thinking that she is about 5 years old. She is really getting alot of gray hairs on her (just like me!) and on the bottom of her muzzle. She has been a challenge at times, but I am glad that she is part of the family. I talk to her alot and ask her if she likes living with us. For some reason, she doesn't answer me...hmmm.

5 Things About Lady

1. She hops around when it is dinner time, she also marches with her 2 front paws if she is really impatient for you to set the bowl down.

2. She likes to go for car rides but a closed up car = holding your nose because she farts like crazy sometimes.

3. She hates getting a bath. Doesn't matter if it is in the bathroom or outside with the hose.

4. She hates my big exercise ball. She will run from it when I get it out.

5. She has alot of dreams when she sleeps and will bark, twitch and "run". All that while having her tongue sticking slightly out.

There is a little yapper dog that lives in the house that is kinda behind us. Our yard is fenced & walled and we have a gate at the driveway as well as a wrought iron gate in the back yard, for whatever reason. I had decided that the gate in the back was for the yapper to fit through and come into our yard. We have chased it out of the yard a couple of times. Today I walked into the bedroom to open the blinds for the kitties to sit in the window and saw the yapper squatting down to take a dump, not even 10 feet from our bedroom window! My first instinct: To yell at it to get out of the yard. And not so subtly. "Get the f- out of here you nasty little bastard" or "Get out of here you f-ing nasty little bastard." Then I heard the kids in the neighbor's yard playing in the pool get all quiet. Oops. And I am going to be a mother soon. Delightful language.

So, I have really been slacking lately. I finished the stitching of the little froggy the other day. I haven't finished him off into a fob yet. I also finished the letter "A" for the SAL that I am doing with Jo & Carolyn. But I have been too lazy to take a picture so I will do that for the next post.

I was going to think of a list for "August Goals" but I have so many other things on my mind lately that I will be lucky to just get a couple of things accomplished, let alone a list this month. I will try for next month.

Other than that, not much else going on here. Been kinda in a funk lately. The days seem to melt together.

Thanks everyone for the supportive comments on breastfeeding! I think that post got the most comments ever!



Anonymous said...

I am glad to see another entry! Looking forward to reading more!

~Kim~ said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY! She is adorable!

Take it easy girl! Enjoy being pregnant!