Friday, August 11, 2006

Found another Mother!

For my Mother's Tree that I am itching to start. Hi, my name is Missy and I am addicted to starting projects. But this one I really want to get done before the baby is born.

Today, I was writing an email to my Grandma in Dallas about my longing to figure out my great-great-great-great-great-great Grandmother's name. Then I decided to do some research on the internet while writing to Gram. Gosh, I love me some internets. Found out that my next name on the Mother's Tree is:

Rachel Stevens Grippen born in 1778 in New York. If anyone out there in blog land knows of a connection to Rachel, or may know who her mother is, I would be most appreciative to find out. I spent the majority of my morning tracking her down. Seems that women were not as important as men...I had to find her through her husband's name.

So, now we have:

1778 Rachel Stevens Grippen
1803 Aurelia Grippen Thorne
1833 Sara Thorne Hoyt
1857 Maria Hoyt Day
1880 Nell Day Brown
1918 G.B.D. (this is my great gram and I don't want to post full names of my living mothers)
1939 S.D.S (Gram in Dallas)
1957 L.V.E. (Mother)
1977 ME!

So that takes it to 9 names, hopefully 10 in January. You can see what the mother's tree looks like in my sidebar. Really cool. I will be certifiable when done though since I am planning on doing it over one on 32 count. I had some issues when trying to decide how to put Mother's name on it and same with Gram's. Since they have both been married multiple times. I just stuck with their first name, their maiden name and their current last name.

Gram had always said that I could get into DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) if I wanted to and now, seeing a link to that time period, and knowing that we did have family here when the country was just starting out amazes me. Gram says that she can trace it back to Mayflower days, but I haven't seen that yet.

So, it seems that Saomai is really causing problems in China. Read the article here. She is the strongest storm they have had in 50 years.

I feel badly for all of the travelers that are stranded today. And I really feel for the employees that are having to put up with them. It is scary to think about what could have happened and what could potentially still happen if the terrorists are successful again.

I am still feeling the baby move and kick! I can tell it is him/her more now, especially after I drink my chocolate milk while sitting here at the computer in the mornings. The baby really likes chocolate milk! :)

I had a strange dream last night. I was hired as a forum moderator for a pregnancy message board. And it was kinda stressing me out because I thought I had to be online to police them 24/7. Man, those girls could fight. I blame the hormones.

Not much else happening here. Looks like it might be another overcast day, which is perfectly fine with me. I might do some baking later if it stays cool.



Concetta said...

You have so many for your Mother's Tree, how wonderful!! I've only gone back.. let me see, here are my notes:

183? Domenica Coia Marzella
1858 Filomena Marzella Verrechia
1891 Carmela Verrechia Valerio
1922 Giulia Valerio Coia (my grandmother)
1947 C.C.R. (my mum)
1975 ME

I don't think I'll do any better than that somehow. Prior to my mum they were all born in Italy.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finding another Mother. I hope your research continues t grow. I loved the feeling of my son moving in my belly. Let us know what you decide to bake.

~Kim~ said...

Oh wow.. arent you lucky you found another mother! I was telling my mom about your project. She thought it was a neat one, and I think I might make one myself.. but I would need to get on the ball, since their is no history line of family on my mom's side of the family.

Enjoy those baby moments!