Monday, August 07, 2006

Bye, bye Saomai!

We had a tropical storm move over us this weekend. As usual, I had myself a little bit more hyped up than necessary. Started out as Tropical Depression 08 W, but has since turned into Typhoon Saomai (from what I can understand). When Nabi passed over us in Guam last year, it was all dark and rainy for at least a day. Here, with Saomai, it was almost like any other day with a little bit bigger wind gusts.

The sadistic part of me is kinda hoping that we get to experience a typhoon while we are here (I'd like to request just a small one please, not a Super Typhoon, thanks!), just to know what they are like firsthand. DH went through a bunch of Hurricanes while we lived in Louisiana...I only went through a couple and they pretty much fizzled out. Not that I am wishing death and destruction on anyone, let me just clear that up now, I just think that the force of nature is an awesome thing. One thing I hated though about Hurricanes in Louisiana was the fact that I had to stay at work for the duration of the storm, once they imposed a curfew. It was a policy at the facility that all nurses are there at all times during Hurricanes. Oh well, DH usually just volunteered to stay at his office while everyone else hauled ass out of town.

Here is a recent photo of Saomai. The little green dots in the middle right are the Marianas chain. I think that we are the 3rd blob from the bottom of that chain. It is hard to tell, plus I don't have all of the locations of the islands memorized. I know that the biggest one at the bottom of the chain is Guam.Weekend Wrap-Up:
This weekend was pretty uneventful. We went to Aqua on Friday night for happy hour and a bunch of people met us there. (We stayed at Aqua for 30 days when we first arrived while waiting to find a house to move into.) DH ended up being a little too happy with his long island iced teas, but we got home safely, thanks to yours truly. I had some crazy non-alcoholic drinks that had too much grapefruit juice in it and it really made my stomach hurt! Yuck!

Saturday we went and ran errands. We went to Blockbuster and bought some new movies.
  • *Match Point (haven't watched it yet)
  • *Rumor Has It -cute chick flick, not destined to be put in permanent rotation though
  • *Munich-not exactly interesting to me, it was about the kidnappings at the '72 Olympics and things that happened after that
  • *The Squid and the Whale - I thought this movie was pretty good. Talk about dysfunctioinal family that is going through everyday life. The little kid cracked me up with his bad mouth, but he also grossed me out several times with his "issue". I highly recommend it. I think it was kind of an indie film and won big at Sundance.
  • *16 Blocks (haven't watched it yet, but I do think that DH will be doing this one solo. It has Bruce Willis in it. Enough said.)
All of those for only $35! Love it!
Then we went to a couple of different stores. I wanted to get some Thai tea so that I can make Thai iced tea, we finally found some in a little Thai store. DH bought a bunch of produce there because it was so much better looking than what we find in the stores. The rest of Saturday we just spent cooking, watching movies, being domestic.

Sunday DH had to go into work to do some work for the storm. He is Coast Guard after all. :) Like an idiot, I started to do my Monday routine: Strip the bed, change the sheets, change linens in the bathrooms. Then I thought "Hello, stupid, it is only Sunday..." I was so mixed up because he had to go into work so early. Sunday we pretty much hung out here. Watched more movies, DH tried out his new bean pot. We really like "real" baked beans. Not the pork-n-beans kind out of a can. Dad & J sent him a bean pot that they found at an antiques place so he gave it a whirl. Let's just say that he needs to keep looking for recipes. They looked okay, but they tasted kinda funky. He says it is because of the molasses. Part of the problem is that he doesn't want to hardly put sugar in. And for good beans, you have to dump in a ton of sugar.

Yesterday, I stitched up a little something for a friend that has a birthday coming up (you know who you are). Like the dolt that I am, I forgot to take a picture of it. Again. Then I started working on my letter "B" for the SAL.

Thanks for the comments Kim, Concetta and Carolyn! For anyone that is interested, the charts can be found here and we are doing them as a SAL (just started so feel free to jump in if you would like). We are doing 2 letters per month. A & B are "catch-ups" since we are starting August with C & D. I plan on turning mine into a book like she shows on her website once it is all done. They stitch up pretty small. Maybe 3x3? The stitch count is 53 x 53 and I am doing mine on 32ct over 2.

I have been peeking around at other websites and have found some Bent Creek designs that I love love love! Kim just got one of the Snapperland series and I just love it. I think that there is one called "?Hometown?", "Winter", "Spring", and "Summer" so far. I think that they look so cute all stitched up together with the border. This one is "Winter".

Then there is "Thankful Row"

And one that I have GOT to get is "Wedding Row"

Bent Creek is one of my favorite designers. I think that I have more of their charts than any other single designer. I know that I have stitched up more of theirs than anyone elses. Ohh, that reminds me, I ordered some FQ's of candy corn fabric to finish off my "Trick Or Treat" that I did last year into a wall hanging. Ideally, I would like to finish it into a wall hanging with tabs at the top and get a small branch and run it through the top to hang it instead of a dowel or something. This is a picture of it after I had pressed it last year, right before it went into the storage box.

Maybe tomorrow I will post my SSS wins that I have recently received in the mail. I love the hanks that she is offering. Oooh, plus my new thread winder. After seeing one on Jo's blog, I decided that I need one for myself. I ordered it from Mary Kathryn's shop. Very happy.



~Kim~ said...

Sorry this comment is so late, I check out your blog quite often, but I dont always get the time to post a comment, so here it goes...

Good thing that the tropical storm moved on by! Me and storms are not friends.. Im like a little kid scared of the dark when it comes to storm.. umm like "I want my mommy" ..LOL

Good to hear that you had a good time at your party. Ive wanted to see Rumor Has It when it was at the movie theater.. never did. Will have to get a copy and and watch it.

Hey, wanna make tomorrow Monday, you can come and clean the house for me.. oh wait I already did that today! Wanted to get the house looking nice so if anything happens while we are gone.. I wont be thought of as a deliquent housewife.. LOL

Cant wait to see your finish for your friend's bday!

Do you have the Snapperville charts?!? Im going to be stitching it soon, have it all kitted up, and once I get over this LHN kick.. Im going to stitch it!

I love your Trick Or Treat finish.. too adorable! You can finish it for me.. I would love to add it to my Halloween collection.

Oh shoot there I go again.. hoggin up your comment space again!

~Kim~ :)

Heather said...

Hi Missy, I can send you my Winter BC snapper series when I'm finished if you'd like them. I have spare snappers too, had to buy some when 2 pinged off the fabric into the unknown LOL All you need to do is mail me your address details and I'll get them off in the next couple of months :)