Tuesday, August 08, 2006

WOW! I am so blessed!

I got the best presents in the mail yesterday! Let me start with our VERY FIRST BABY PRESENT EVER!! It is from my BF Stels and her DH Jason back home. I knew that she sent us something, but wasn't sure what.

They sent us:
A box of Nestle Quick...I love this stuff, DH doesn't share my enthusiasm for it therefore making it a non-necessary purchase on grocery day.

A bag of Mrs. Field's white Chocolate Chips...the recipe on the back of the bag is the best cookie recipe ever! I have a bunch of Macadamia Nuts left over, so guess who is going to make cookies this week!?!

A package of newborn pacifiers from the registry.

A package of bottles like what we have on the registry, these will be great for when the Babe is able to hold it's own bottle. I have registered for all glass since I plan on freezing breastmilk in them. I just don't like to freeze in plastic. I had never thought about it holding it's own bottle...gosh a glass bottle and a baby with ceramic tile floors doesn't sound like a good combination, so this was a great present to receive!

5 onesies that are gender neutral. My favorite has to be the one on the bottom...it has a little embroidered giraffe on it and it says "i am cute". Here is a close up of it. I can't get over it.

And I just can't get over how small they are! Stels reports that there was one size smaller. These are size 0-3 months. But then again, I can't imagine getting something this big out of me! OUCH! Here is one with my "man hand" (as I like to call it) for comparison.

You will notice that Killer Lily was being nosey and had to see what I was up to in the first picture. She is into everything! I think that the pets know that something is going on with me. They all have to be in the same room as me for the most part. The dog usually has to be within eyesight of me, usually about 2 steps behind me in the house. Gets irritating if I stop suddenly.

On to other fun mail:

I got my exchange piece from my Yahoo Group. I belong to a very active group called STO or Stichers Time Out. It is a small group (only 51 members), but somehow we manage to post between 3,000 to 5,000 messages a month.

If anyone is interested in joining, let me know. I will let the mods know. Anyhow...here is a picture of my present I received from the "Christmas in July" exchange:

I got a Pine Mountain pillow and a huge piece of Kiwi Illusions 32ct Belfast Linen, also got the LHN Miniature Winter Game Board freebie. This would be so cute stitched up, framed and using buttons as checkers. Then, you could put a hook on the frame to hang the hand made flannel or other home-y material bag that holds the buttons. Cute cute!

I love this PM pillow. I had wanted to see one in person so I could figure out how they were made and what size they are. Just another way of cleverly finishing something!

And call me crazy, but I am seriously considering starting my "Mother's Tree" using this fabric. It is 27 x 19 inches which isn't big enough to do it 2 over 2, but if I did it 1 over 1...I might just be certifiable then! It is a gorgeous piece of fabric and would look so pretty with the greens of the "Mother's Tree" pattern. Plus, I want to have Mother's Tree done before the baby is born that way in the event that it is a girl (go team pink!), I can put her name on it.

Speaking of a baby girl...so we decided on names a long time ago. Meriel Jilleen or Connor Paul. I told DH that he better come up with a back-up name just in case we have twins (not likely, but you never know since I won't be able to have an ultrasound and we can't peek inside there). Then we got on the topic of how to spell Meriel. It is pronounced like "Muriel". DH said that he spells it "Meryl" which is an accurate spelling for it according to the Irish baby name website and the baby name book that we have. And I would be fine with that except that I don't want people to be lazy or not know and pronounce it like "Meryl" as in Meryl Streep. We plan on calling her Mery/Meri/Mary either way.

I promised in the last post to show my Six Strand Sweets hanks that I have been buying on ebay. Here they are, on top of my new fabric that I got in the exchange:

They are:

Cream Soda x2
Organic Blueberries x 3
Buttermint x2
Butterscotch x1
Sweet Memories x1
Spiced Orange Cider x2

25 yard hanks for $2.50 each! Woo Hoo! I love when she has some for sale. I am hoping that she adds it to her regular line.

I got the Organic Blueberries with the intention of using them to do my "Lord's Prayer" by My Big Toe Designs. And I think that I will use the Cream Soda for the accent on the design. I plan on doing it on white, maybe 32 or 36 count?

But not for a while.

And for all of you sewing people out there, do you like to look at other people's sewing rooms for inspiration? Here is a link to a website that shows a new sewing room every month. Tons of inspiration. I like this month's choice. I signed up for the newsletter so every month, I get a newsletter with the link to the rooms.



Concetta said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your progress on the Rainbow Gallery designs, Missy - the little book looks absolutely gorgeous! If I ever get around to doing this project, I'd hope to turn it into the book too.

And Mother's Tree! I have this kitted up and ready to start one day, too! How many generations have you managed to go back? Beautiful presents from Stels & her DH, btw...

~Kim~ said...

Aww congrats on your first baby present! Is someone hosting a baby shower there, for you?? Those are so much fun! (Ive hosted about 4 of those now.. gotta have one for myself one of these years.. LOL) Where are you registered??

We should do a SAL on the Minature Game Boards! :) Love your idea for the buttons as checkers!

Does the name Meriel have a reason why you chose that name? I think that the way you have it spelt is unique.

Humm if I only had the room to have my own sewing room.. it would be heaven! Tried to put a sewing table in our spare bedroom.. no such luck!

Enjoy the new threads!


Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet of your bf and her dh to send you such a great package. I forgot how small the onesies are. The pillow looks great. I have a pine mountain pillow and should someday stitch something for it. What a neat idea with the Game board using buttons for the checker. I also have that pattern. I love the names you have chosen(go team pink. Have fun with your SSS. I am not sure I could stitch with some of those names they would make me hungry...:)