Saturday, February 18, 2006

CEF Update & lots more

Well, here is the latest installment of my CEF:

She is coming along nicely. I haven't hardly stitched this week. I really want to, but with work and other stuff that we have going on, it is so hard. Plus, I had another one of those headaches on Tuesday (Valentine's Day) of all days. She has feet and a hand! And part of a face!

Because of the continued headaches, I went to the doctor again and he is pretty concerned. Enough to send me to a neurologist. Seriously, you don't just bleed under the skin around your eyes and get massive headaches for no reason, especially if you have never had headaches in your life. Grrr...very very frustrating. The most frustrating thing had to be when he told us that we should not take the orders to move to Saipan at the end of next month...okay...well what do we do then? I should see a neurologist in about oh...4-6 weeks. Gotta love it!

My ebay auctions are going well! Click here to see or even bid! I am going to throw in a few goodies for you if you let me know that you found my auction through my blog as Kim has (hi Kim!). I have some fibers around here that need new homes and loads of freebies and other patterns that would be good for charity, etc. Off they will go to my lucky winners & readers. Tomorrow I am going to list more along with our blender which is going to go for a steal. The thing is hardly used, it is a monster (600 watts) that works fantastically. DH wanted one that was more simple (read: one buttton operation, on/off) and I wanted one that was more retro. So, I bought him one for Christmas and this one is just sitting here waiting to be used to make daiquiris or milkshakes or something.

I am also going to list some magazine subscriptions. DH & I are each doing our own magazine subscription thing. I want to focus on more craft/home making mags that would appeal to me and my friends. Martha, Mary Engelbreit, Crochet, Cross Stitching, Quilting, Stamping & Scrapbooking, etc. It is amazing how much money you can save by going through a 3rd party to get a subscription. Look for a link in my sidebar soon or just email me (link at top of sidebar)!

I miss my family and friends. I miss seeing my best friend, Staci. Here is a pic of Staci & her DH, Jason from last year. Aren't they too cute together?!

Well, I need to go finish my 2nd granny square for the day...have to keep at least one goal!


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Jenn said...

CEF is coming along nicely. I'm hoping the Easter Fairy will arrive in the mail today. I may just start her if she does. :)

I hope your headaches have stopped and the doctors find out what is causing them.