Saturday, February 11, 2006

Not much to blog about

Not a whole lot happening here. DH is playing poker with the boys tonight and I am about to go stitch for a while once I get done browsing on ebay. Browsing is what I must do until some of my stuff sells. Wanna buy some? Click here to bid! I package well (and usually end up shorting myself on postage) and shipping from Guam really isn't that long!! :)

Mom sent us a package today. Had a bunch of yarn, some quilting squares that she won off of ebay, an xs kit by Donna Giampa that looks alot like Paula Vaughan, some poker chips for DH and a card with $$ in it!! Whee!

This month will be our 3rd month TTC (trying to conceive) and I am already starting to get frustrated. I know it takes time but golly, I am getting old here...alright maybe not OLD, but I would like to give birth before my 30th birthday (only 13 months away). I told DH that he can pick out the girl's name and I will pick out the boy's name. We don't want to know what we are having until it is born. There were a few stipulations that I have with the name choosing...
1. Irish first names. Come on, DH's hair is a gorgeous to die for red/burgundy and has a bit of a curl, plus with his freckles...let's just say that I hope our kids get his hair color, my crazy curls, and a combo of our skin tones.
2. The girl's middle name has to start with a "J"...tradition in my family and the boy's middle name will be Paul in honor of my absolutely fantastic and wonderful Granpy.

What does that bring you:
Meriyl Jilleen (Meriyl is pronounced like Muriel but with more "e" and less "u" at the beginning...Meri for short)
Connor Paul

I told DH that we would try for 2 years and if we are not successful, then we will adopt. I have been open to adoption for as long as I can remember. In fact there was a time when I wanted to adopt instead of having my own children. I will not take fertility drugs and have 8 children. I am not a cat nor a dog and am not supposed to give birth to that many children at once.

Here is a picture of Sitting Pretty. My new friend Jenn is starting this one and I was inspired to show mine off. I had some help with mine though. My friend, Patsy helped me finish it off. It was sitting in my finish box as a UFO because I couldn't drag myself to do the backstitching. She was an angel and I sent it off to her and she finished it lickety split and sent it back. I haven't finished it off into anything yet...actually probably won't until we get back to the States and I can locate a decent frame selection.

Well, off to stitch for a while on my February ornament for the STO SAL. I will post my WIP's hopefully Monday with my update of my CEF.



Jenn said...

Thanks for posting Sitting Pretty. I think I might work more on mine today. :)

I love Irish names too. I love Eilish (or Ailish) for a girl.

~Kim~ said...

Ha... your post took me to your ebay auction, so far one auction won - two to go.. LOL Thanks for the enabling!