Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom

I know, my last post was for my Dad and today's post is for my Mom. Today (Feb 26) is her birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! Mom, Dad & I are all crazy little pisces similar in so many ways. This picture was last summer, right before we left for Guam. Actually I think that it was the day before we left IL for our road trip to Los Angeles. Our families hosted a cookout for us at DH's parent's house on the river. Mom was finally done with her chemo and her hair was starting to grow back in...even though it was gray, it was good to see. I think that she had just had her tissue expanders put in, in preparation of her implant surgery. Mom is a survivor of breast cancer. She had a bilateral mastectomy in August of 2004 and started chemotherapy.

My birthday wish to you Mom is that you live for many more healty years and I hope that someday you will finally be able to kick the cigarette habit. Before it kills you and takes you away from me and your future grandchildren.

You would think cancer twice in your life would be enough.

(Mom doesn't read this blog, either)


I finished this just a few minutes ago. It is from the 2005 JCS Ornament issue. It is part of the yearly SAL in the STO yahoo group. I stitched it over one with DMC over-dyeds. I was too lazy to dig out my WDW. I am not really loving this one, so it will probably go to a good home later this year. I think that it is by Twisted Oaks and it took me entirely too long to stitch. I would stitch on it mostly for an hour or less at a time on Fridays or weekends.

It is my 2nd finish of 2006. I am hoping to have my CEF done in about 2 weeks. Then I want to work on some Prairie Schooler bookmarks. Along with everything else in the rotation. MIL's quilt should be done this week also.

The next ornament in the series is "Britty Kitty" by Brittercup. This will be my 3rd time doing that one. I did it twice last year for presents.


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Jenn said...

You and your parents were all born so close together. that's cool. :)

Congrats on your first finish of the year. My feet are tapping away under my desk with you. :) I can't wait to see your next CEF update.