Sunday, February 05, 2006

WTF is going on with Blogger?

So, now my February posts are missing, I updated like crazy last night a couple of times and have been doing some work today...when it has cooperated.

Thanks bunches to Jenn for helping me figure out the blogrolling thing. I hope that I did it correctly and it works...we will see soon!

Today & last night I have been working on my Mirabilia CEF. I don't think that I like the blended stitches of Cupid & Pink Champagne. Maybe it will look better from a distance or once more is done. I am saving the Wisper thread for last. I despise that stuff, but love the effect. Wonder if I should do half crosses and also use a strand of the white color in the wings or just do full crosses with the Wisper. I plan on working on her some more tonight, so I will post a picture then.

DH got 5th place last night at a poker tournament. Pretty good considering there were about 100 people there. First place was a trip to Australia. He got a 70 piece Craftsman tool kit. He was going to get the iPod, but it was already taken when he went to select his prize.

I have officially asked for this for my birthday next month. I currently am using the plastic storage boxes made by DMC that they sell at Michaels...about 6 of them and it is kind of frustrating at times. I think that this looks so much better! I have a full set of about 30 of Weeks Dye Works (that I want to sell) and I think that they will all fit from what I understand.

Well, back to stitching! Update to come...let's see if this post lasts :)


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Jenn said...

I wasn't crazy eitehr about how the Cupid & Pink Champagne looked together while I stitched the piece but, once she was done it didn't look to bad.