Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mardi Gras

Boy, I really miss Louisiana right now. I really loved Mardi Gras season. And what a season it is (or was). DH & I would race home from work and haul ass to New Orleans (40 minute ride ) to catch the parades on the weeknights and then drive home at 11 o'clock at night. Last year was our last year in Louisiana and my Dad & Step-Mom came down to spend it with us. They had never been to New Orleans so it was quite an experience. We didn't really take them down to Bourbon Street and the ruckus that goes on down there. Not worth it. Here is my Dad, Step Mom & I on their first night with us in Louisiana.
They had flown in, we threw them into the car and headed down to the parades. I think that this was the Endimyon parade. They were good sports about it. Coming from Illinois, they brought their jackets...it was probably 50 degrees at least.

I miss the shrimp, the drive through daiquiri's, dirty rice/rice dressing, hearing the old folks speak cajun french at the nursing home, the crawfish, the history and the plantations...I hope in my heart that we can go back there someday and spend more time. Louisiana is truly the place where I fell in love with DH. Nothing like New Orleans at Christmas.

I would love to see the city rise again but part of me is unsure that they should really rebuild. It has happened before and it will happen again. It is inevitable. You can't hide from a hurricane when you are on the coast and below sea level.


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~Kim~ said...

So, how many beads have you earned.. *wink*

Great to hear you have such a passion for a city. Such heartbreaking what Mother Nature did to it this past Sept. But all sounds well, now with Mardi Gras in swing! So did ever try King Cake?