Monday, February 06, 2006

Superbowl party @ 6a.m.

This post was drafted yesterday (we are 16 hours ahead of CST), but due to problems with uploading to blogger, I had waited to see if it was easier to do it today. Not much to report today. I did finish the pinks/reds in the bottom part of the skirt and started on the left boot a little bit. Tonight is quilt night.
Well, today is Superbowl Sunday back home. It is Monday here and there is just something not quite right about drinking beer and watching football at 8 am. I know of alot of parties and bars opening today at 6am to celebrate and watch the game. There was no school today also...just shows you the mentality. I got to work today, which was fine by me.

Today we found out that our HHG shipment will be packed out on March 23, and our car will be shipped on March 30. I am glad that we won't be doing this again for another 2 years!

Here is my update on Mirabilia CEF:

I am not sure about the Pink Champagne & Cupid, but I have faith that it will blend better later. I am so excited to hear about the new Fairy coming out. I just want to know if she will be holding a big pastel colored egg?

I just scanned a bunch of my charts to put on ebay. Partially because DH kinda put his foot down and said that if I was going to buy Houses of Hawk Run Hollow for $25, then I had better sell some stuff on ebay to put into the ebay account. I am listing some Piecework mags, WDW thread, a Bent Creek kit, a bunch of Birds of a Feather, a Monopoly kit...and I have a TON of Gloria & Pat booklets to put on that I got in a vintage box. I was hoping to get some Merry Mouse books in there or some other vintage ones that aren't Alma Lynne or Precious Mutants...*sigh* no Merry Mouse.

Don't these look GREAT?!?! These are from our amazon cherry plants in the front.
Here is my first ornament in the STO SAL...I actually finished it last weekend (just in under the deadline). It is from JCS Ornaments 2005, Little House Needleworks.

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Jenn said...

CEF is looking good. Keep up this pace and you'll have her done in no time! :)