Thursday, May 03, 2007

New Beasties!!!

Yay, the tracklist for the new Beastie Boys album is out.
According to this site:

Beastie Boys reveal new album tracklisting
'The Mix Up' will feature 14 tracks

Beastie Boys have revealed the tracklisting for their new album'The Mix Up'.

As previously reported exclusively by NME.COM, bandmember Mike D said that the follow up to 2004's 'To The 5 Boroughs' would be "radically different" to its predecessor and the sound will hark back to the style of 1992's 'Check Your Head' and 1989's 'Paul's Boutique'.

No release date has yet been announced, but Mike D also told NME.COM he expected it to be out sometime in June.

The band are set to perform at the London leg of the Live Earth shows which takes place at Wembley Stadium on July 7.

The tracklisting for 'The Mix Up' is:
'Be For My Name'
'14th St.Break'
'Suco De Tangerina'
'The Gala Event'
'Electric Worm'
'Freaky Hijiki'
'Off The Grid'
'The Rat Cage'
'The Melee'
'Dramastically Different'
'The Cousin Of Death'
'The Kangaroo Rat'

Yay! I LOVE Paul's Boutique, I think that it is their best work ever. I am glad that they are going back to that style.

I saw the Beasties way back in the summer of 1999 at the "Free Tibet" festival. I remember them doing "Intergalactic" in their little wannabe space suit outfits.

Normal post coming later.

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