Friday, July 13, 2007

Last Seven or Eight

I was tagged by Deece to list my "Last Seven" (or eight). I decided to look around at other Saipan bloggers that have done this and steal some of their "lasts" since I am not in an original here goes:

1. Last dollar I spent: That would be $$ I spent yesterday at Monika's on a Teak bench. Cha-ching, cha-ching. BTW, it seems that Monika's is really closing in August. They are shipping everything to Guam.

2. Last time I ate fast food: About 3 months ago, we ate at Mc Donald's. I had the Big & Tasty as usual only this time, it wasn't cooked all the way. I now call it the Big & Nasty. They gave me another one, but the first one ruined my craving for Mickey D's for good.

3. Last thing I ate: A mini Hershey's bar. There must be chocolate in my house AT ALL TIMES.

4. Last song I sang to: "I've Got A Rock n Roll Heart" by Eric Clapton..."I get off on '57 Chevy's, I get off on screaming guitar...". The song before that was "Casey Jones" by the Dead...that song always puts a smile on my face. Most songs put a smile on my face, but the Grateful Dead always pull through.

5. Last time I bought clothes: In March when we were at home. I hit Old Navy and stocked up on T shirts. If I find a style I like, I buy it in every color and wear them until they fall apart. I am so not a girly girl when it comes to shopping.

6. Last time I felt envy: Father's Day when my Dad K. told me that he is seeing Jimmy Buffett, The Police and Genesis this summer in concert. Oh be still my heart...Sting and Phil Collins!!!! I never knew Peter Gabriel as the lead of Genesis, so I don't even think of him. If he told me that he was going to see Dave Matthews as well, I don't think that I would talk to him again. Ever.

7. Last time I paid bills: When we lived in Guam, September 2005. DH got deployed back to Louisiana for Hurricane Katrina & Rita aftermath and I had to figure it out. Yes, I know that I am lucky.

8. Last haircut: Deece, I have you beat on this one- March 2006 before we moved to Saipan. Yeah, the giant crazy afro is not an intentional look, I just have a hard time finding someone to give me a decent cut. Thick curly hair is not a gift from God, I don't care what anyone says. Plus I am 100% chickenshit. I think I should order a flowbee and be done with it.

I tag:
My Aunt Tamie in Dallas, KaLu, Kim, Jenn, and anyone else that wants to play.
I use Google Reader to read through my blogs. Egads, I just checked and I have 121 blogs on my subscription feed, yikes. I am thinking about deleting my blogroll on my sidebar since it is totally out of date.
Bruce, I would absolutely make you a tied lure or fly, but the thing is...I don't know how. If left to my own devices, you would end up with a giant hook with some yarn and a couple of boonie chicken feathers on it. As long as I could catch one of those suckers and get a couple of feathers that is. How about an apron since you don't seem to be a cross stitch pillow kind of guy?



Jennifer said...

I so agree with you on thick curly hair not being a gift from God! LOL! Mine is super thick and wavy too and is an unbelievable pain in the rear. Cassie's is the same way. If I don't dry and straighten our hair right after I wash it, it turns in to a horrible frizzy mess. I'm also with you on the shirt thing. I'm the exact same way! If I find a style I like I buy it in every color as well :). I mean, why go through the trouble of finding another style when you could just buy the same one in different colors and be done with it? LOL :)

Deece said...

Wow, 16 months! Have you found that it's grown a great deal in that time?

Meari said...

I love Google Reader. It works so much better than blogrolling. :)

~Kim~ said...

Thanks for taggin' me. Just posted my response.

I love Google Reader!! Check it quite often throught the day!

Have you had anymore news about your next relocation!?!
Give Connor a hug for me :)