Sunday, July 08, 2007

See the clouds?

Lately I have felt like I have the little hand-drawn stormy cloud over my head. A combination of reasons really. Homesickness, concern about Mom, being a new Mama, kinda missing being in the workforce and missing the Nursing profession, etc. I have been keeping up with my blog reading via Google Reader. Sorry I don't comment much, but when something really hits a chord with me, I will comment. Like the post that Melanie wrote. Man, did that ever hit home. I totally identified with what she said and where she was coming from.

So, that is where I am at. Things are looking better. Some of the stress has lifted.

DH's new LT & CWO have reported in, so we have been going to parties and we had a party at our house on Saturday. A good time was had by all.

We are still doing lots and lots of gardening and housey stuff. I found this pot tucked away in the bushes and thought that the tiny sprouts of leaves looked interesting (they were less than 1" tall at the time). So, I set it in the sun and gave it a drink every day, and this is the gorgeous result:
Lady is standing guard to the left and you can kind of see the Heliconia patch in the far background. The Heliconias are starting to bloom and they need serious work...

Mom sent me a care package a couple of weeks ago and in it was this gorgeous yarn.
Lion Brand hand painted wool yarn. Regularly priced at $14 each and she got them for $3 something each. What a steal! Now just trying to think of what to make. I was thinking scarf, but not everyone likes wool scarves and Lord knows, I don't need a scarf here in Saipan. Anyone want me to make them a wool scarf? I knit and crochet, your choice.

We finally got our hammock hung up on the porch. It hasn't been up since we lived in Louisiana. It is the thread kind, so it is super comfy and doesn't leave big rope marks on you. I can see many days out there with a book and a glass of iced I just need the baby to learn to take naps during the day.

And, I finally have a finish to share! Yay me! I started this last month during the Trilogy (or any designer of) SAL on the STO group...I am only a week late with getting it finished. This was a Bent Creek Zipper kit that I bought when I met Kim in Green Bay. I really love the Bent Creek kits. Have you seen the new one, the Big Zipper? Mama Mia, that is one for the Christmas present wish list for sure. Stitched on 18 ct. Natural Linen with DMC Perle Floss.

If you are interested in reading Saipan blogs, Angelo has created a Master Listing of all of us. Way to put insomnia to good use!



Jenn said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling blue Missy. I've missed hearing from you. Mmmm your swing looks so nice. What a wonderful day to spend an afternoon.

Congrats on your finish it's so cute. I hope you can find something to make with the yarn your mom sent. Maybe a bag?

Tanya said...

Your snowbuddy is so cute!!! Sorry to read you have been down lately - hang in there. Stitching is therapy.

Wendy said...

Beautiful yarn! How about a blanket for Connor?

Julie said...

Hi Missy, its good to hear from you again and see a post. The yarn is beautiful. I'll enjoy seeing what you decide to knit with it. Your BC Zipper is cute - great finish. I love having these kits on hand complete with thread and fabric, even a needle and its fun to stitch on large count. I just finished my last BC Zipper kit. Guess its time to purchase some more.

Michelle said...

Cute finish! Glad that you feel that some of the stress has lifted.

Tamie said...

Missy ~
You have had plenty of things going on to say the least. No wonder you might have some 'clouds'! You got me into this stitch thing and it got me out of my funk. Take one thing at a time that you can do something about. Take it from me, the MOST guilty worrywort ever. ; - )
xo T

Melanie said...

Love that cruisy hammock - I think together you and bub could get a pretty nice nap in there, no?

I hope those storm clouds lift for you and me both :)

Aussie Stitcher said...

You finish is very cute. I hope that you are feeling better soon. You have alot going on at the moment take care of yourself.