Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wrap up

Wow, I have been quite neglectful of the blog lately. Time seems to just slip right past me most days. Plus, DH was dinking around with the new computer the other night and the screen went black. Hrrrrm...that's not supposed to happen. He was messing around trying to get the info off of the old hard drive onto the new one and has some kind of external thingamajig hooked up. Poor darlin, he really tries hard. So now we are back to the laptop, which I am not too fond of. Oh well. When I win the lottery, I can buy my own little puter ( a Mac ) and do what I want. Guess I should start buying tickets.

The biggest downside is that I try to comment on blogs and I can't. The comment page just keeps reloading. Frustrating. Friends in blogland, know that I am reading and wanting to comment!
A pretty hibiscus on a very clear day. We have a big hibiscus bush in front.


We took Connor to the beach for the first time on Friday. He had a good time, I think. He only cried a couple of times. We bought him a cheapy floaty tube and when he got to where he could touch the bottom, he would take off. The beach is now Connor's aqua walker.

This little girl decided that she wanted to take her puppy swimming. I watched her for a while to make sure she didn't drown it. So cute!

Last weekend, we did some beautifying of the CNMI with Angelo's group, Beautify CNMI! There was even a little write up in the paper.
Click here to read a good post from Cinta and to see a cute family shot at the end. We plan on doing more volunteering with this group in the near future.
Since only one person *technically* signed up for my PIF challenge, I decided to choose 4 others. I started working on one of the projects this week. Here is a sneak peek:

Where have I been that I have not used circular knitting needles before now? Holy moley, I am a woman obsessed now. Since I took this picture, I finished knitting it (and no, it isn't a hat). I immediately casted on for another similar style, only using a smaller needle and they are bamboo, not metal. Wow, bamboo rocks! Someday, I will be able to try out the Cadillac of knitting needles, the Addi Turbos...until then, I will be obsessing with my one pair of bamboo circulars.
By the way, if you ever see a copy of this book (in picture above) at a garage sale (where I got mine) or a thrift shop, I highly recommend you pick it is full of great info on every kind of stitching and has awesome diagrams. If I had to pick only one book to have in my library for needlework, this would win. It is Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Needlework. I think that mine was $2.


The sewing machine is officially DOA according to Sam's Electronics. They can't repair it because it seems that I broke off a big piece of metal that holds the shuttle race in. I am bummed that I am without a sewing machine for a while, but to be honest...I kinda hated that one anyway! Too many bells and whistles. I bid on a vintage Singer machine on ebay...only has 5 stitches! Just my speed. But, I have been outbid. So, the search is on again. Got to keep it under $75 including shipping.
And, we dyed more of Connor's diapers. I *love* them!



Jenn said...

What wonderful pictures of all of you at the beach. Thanks for shareing with us.

I've been having the same problem when I try to comment on blogs. Make sure you just click once on the comments link and if it still happens close it and try again. I've found that has been working for me.

Little Grey Cat said...

Wow lots of photos! Connor looks like he had a whale of a time at the beach. He's so cute. Aren't they just great at this age.

Oh I love those nappies. What a great idea.

Knitting too! Very pretty yarn, but what is it?

Heather said...

Lovely pictures of you all in the water.

I have been having that same problem with the page keeping loading, but found today on the 3 that blogs that do it most, if you hit the back key and then hit comment again, it will work.

chiloe said...

I love connr's pictures !!! He's so cute in the sea. I live near the sea too but you wouldn't know as it's raining a lot in Normandy these days ... :-((

I love also you hand dye clothes you are using for connor. We are trying potty training. It is such a big ......... adventure (or disaster? ) :-))

Enjoy your great weather and don't forget about us who read from all over the word !!! Have a good day!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Connor looks like he had a great time at the beach.


KaLu said...

ohh I sooo want to take Alondra to the beach!!! good luck finding one in the desert huh?
Connor Looks so adorable in his floaty thingie he looks like he's having a blast.
I wanted to sign up to your PIF but alondra doesnt let me do much these days, hoping it'll get easier when she's older.
Now that she's sitting by herself she entertains herself more with anything, I still put like five pillows around her but so far she's good :)

Michelle said...

Love all the photos! Your knitting looks fantastic, and what a wonderful idea to choose your own PIF people!

Michelle said...

You're welcome. ;o)

You have an adorable family. :)

I just bought a new machine a few months back and now have this older one just sitting around in a box ... probably cost more to ship it than to buy one but I need to get rid of it anyway ... ya wanna?!

Kendra said...

Looks like everyone had fun at the beach. I don't know how well either of my girls would do, though...the 4 year old doesn't really like "big water" (pool, lake, ocean, etc.) and the 8 month old hates even a bath. *sigh* We're just not water people around here...LOL!

I have that needlework're right, it's chock full of all kinds of information on every kind of needleworking! Great book to have around.

Love those dyed diapers! So colorful!

Meari said...

Missy -- I bought a little Happy Lite machine off ebay last year for $12 with shipping. It's a small, well made, simple machine. I taught my nieces (9 and 10) how to use it a few weeks ago. It's great for quick sewing jobs.

I have that same RD book. I think I paid $4 for it at a thrift store. It's a great book, but then all the RD how-to books are. I have a ton of them!

BeckySC said...

Hi Missy :)

Send me your mailing address and I will get the circular needlecase off to you tomorrow :) I hope it will be useful to you :)

Have a lovely day :)