Friday, July 27, 2007

Pins and Needles

I am waiting for an email from Mom's Oncologist with an update. I feel like I am on pins and needles. My heart is racing, my attention span is that of a gnat, my legs and arms are jumpy...the ADD is well into overdrive and I don't even have ADD.

I am 95% sure that I will be going home. Checked fares on Continental's website yesterday and for a flight off of this rock to Chicago on Monday, it is over $4k. If I wait until Thursday, it is closer to normal at just over $2k. I checked Northwest's website and the prices are comparable, but the catch is you have to stop in Japan. And even though we applied for Connor's passport in May, it still isn't in. So flying Northwest is out. And those are our two options for flights from here. Yay, I am so not looking forward to spending another 24 hours traveling to get home. Saipan to Guam, Guam to Honolulu, Honolulu to Houston, Houston to Chicago. Blech.

I did think about getting a flight to Guam and hanging around Andersen AFB to see if we could get a MAC flight at least to Hawaii and then trying to get something to Chicago...but you can wait for days on end for a MAC flight.

Add to all of that, I have a bid on a cute sewing machine on ebay that is ending in a couple of hours...keep your fingers crossed. I will post a picture if I win.



Jenn said...

Keep us posted on your mom Missy. If you do go with out getting to update us. Have a safe trip. Good luck on the sewing machine!

Kendra said...

Hope you get some good news about your mom...(((HUGS)))

Good luck on the machine...may no one come in and outbid you at the last minute. :-)

~Kim~ said...

Missy you are in my thoughts and prayers! I feel so sorry for you being so far from home! If you would like to vent - you know my email! I wish I could help you more!

I hope you had sucess on your sewing machine. I need a new one - but my truck seems to be winning all my money lately!


Chiloe said...

I am thinking about your mom and you. I hope things wom't be too bad. ((hugs))

I hope you will win your sewing machine. My advice if you have a fast internet connection, put your maximum bid 15 to 20 seconds before it ends. Good luck on that one !!!


Michelle said...

Big hugs! I am sending warm thoughts to you and your mom. Good luck on the bid too!

chiloe said...

Sooooooo? Any news on both part?

J's Place said...

Hoping and Praying it will be good news. (((hugs)))