Thursday, December 07, 2006

Ahhh...the sweet smell of....

burning garbage. Blech!

There ought to be a law about burning your household refuse. If there is a law, then my neighbors surely don't know about it because they burn their garbage frequently.

And it makes my house smell so charming. Especially the environmentally un-friendly burning plastic. Double blech!!


This baby is sucking the everloving life right out of my body. I am 35 weeks today and have the worst exhaustion. For the past two weeks, it is about all I can do to make the bed every morning. Somehow I did manage to find strength yesterday to do the dishes, make 3 loaves of bread and a foccacia for our roasted veggie sandwiches last night. Which btw, were deelish!

Don't let me fool you...I truly am blessed. This pregnancy has been so easy, I couldn't have asked for more. I never had nausea/vomiting, my blood pressure is great, minimal swelling, I have only gained 19 pounds, and the baby moves around all of the time. It wiggles alot now. I think that it is running out of room. We are really getting anxious to meet this little treehugger and welcome her/him into our family.


I have been spoiled again! My Aunt J & her family sent us a big box this week! They sent a play gym that is so bright and colorful, I love it! And a cute little "First Chewey Toy" that is so bright and visually stimulating, along with the different textures on it...really cool! Along with a container of chocolate toffee covered pretzels and a bunch of hot chocolate mix packets...YUM! When DH saw the pretzels, he immediately took them from me, opened them up and started eating them. I was in mid sentence and just looked at him, it was funny. They also included a couple of things from Granny & Grampy...a packet of adorable onesies and a bib that says "I love my Grandpa". I love it! Thanks again, Aunt J! Killer Lily approves.


I also got an awesome package from Carolyn! Thank you, Carolyn! We are going to do stitch a biscornu together that we bought at Mary Kathryn's Shop ....she got a floss color that wasn't what she thought it was, and I liked it better, so I ordered a surprise color for her and we swapped. She sent that along with a package of the new Peanut Butter Kisses, 3 packages of Sour Patch Kids, a tin of Christmas cookies, a Livestrong bracelet, a Breast Cancer awareness bracelet and 2 scissor fobs. The floss, bracelets and fobs were packaged in the bag inside of the round holiday box and it was just soo cute! I love it all. And I have already scarfed down most of one package of Sour Patch Kids (that's why you only see 2).


DH had to go to some boating safety thingy here recently and brought home a small t-shirt. Like children's size. Since we don't have a child yet to put it on, what do 2 semi-normal people do? Put it on the dog.

I think that Lady likes it. Here she is with DH:

And here she is later on, being too lazy to stand up and eat her Eukanuba:

Good times, Good times.

Y'all missed the other day when we put diaper covers on the cats. They *loved* them! : )

This baby better come soon or else the animals are going to revolt.


Okay, I am going to go play with my blogger template some. Now that I got to join the "cool kids club" (blogger beta), I need to make some changes. Could be a challenge for my HTML developmentally disabled self.



Anonymous said...

when you start feeling drained you know the baby is coming soon. I had a great pregnacy as well towards the end I was ready. I am getting so excited for you both. More baby things how cool. Are you all set now? Great pic of the cat. Nice Package of goodies. I was laughing so hard at the pic of your dog. You guys are to funny. I can't imagine a diaper on our cats. Did you take a pic? LOL.

~Kim~ said...

Yea! Welcome to the cool kids club! Hope you enjoy beta!

Gosh, remember the post about baby showers and all?!? Well you sure get your share of postal baby shower! What some lovely gifts. Your ticker says 35 days! WOOHOO! Gosh I remember when it said like 110 days! Man o man! Time has flown. Its like Ive been apart of the pregnancy! Being able to enjoy it along with.. well minus the discomforts and such! Thanks so much for sharing! Remember to let Aunt Kimmy know when the baby is here!.. LOL

BTW - the comment you left. Yes please I would like to see that magazine :)


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Wendy said...

Great mail presents you have been getting - almost like Christmas! Poor you, the last 5 weeks really are the worst when no position seems comfortable for very long. {{{{hugs}}}}

AnneS said...

More great gifties in the mail - your mailman must be exhausted with all this extra lifting lately ;) I still haven't made the move to Beta yet (even though I've been told by Blogger to move over) - I don't want to lose my template just yet ... I'll be interested to see how you cope with the template changing :)